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Are you a “best place to work” organization aspiring to soar even higher? Are you grappling with unprecedented multi-generational challenges?

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Does the success of your business depend on:

Practice Development Counsel turns organizations of professionals and knowledge workers into high performing “rainmaking machines” and engaging workplaces for multiple generations of employees.

We’d like to help you stay a frontrunner too!

Our Signature Program for organizations that truly aspire to be “Best Places to Work”

5 Things to Know About Each Generation that Will Change How You Interact, Persuade, Recruit, Retain and Sell

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To help you navigate through the challenges presented by today’s multi-generational business environment, we have created a continuing series of short, informative videos. Click on the “Videos” tab on the left-hand menu bar to access a list of topics and related links.

If our videos spark thoughts or questions that you would like to discuss, please email or call 212-593-1549.

Solutions to Multi-Generational Challenges

More than ever, different generations in the workplace have different expectations, world views – and needs, often adding to costly inefficiencies, frustrations, misunderstandings and miscommunications with clients as well as internally.. We work with professional services firms to achieve harmonious team and client relationships, resulting in significantly increased service productivity as well as new business generation and client retention.

More than merely creating awareness of generational attributes, we work hands-on with firms to solve the multi-generational workplace challenges to talent- and client- development within work teams – where change actually happens.

more about Solutions to Multi-Generational ChallengesPractice Development Counsel brings a potent combination of extensive marketing, mediation and organizational effectiveness expertise to bear on each significant and sensitive situation.


Strategic Business Development

Keeping your firm’s business pipeline full of desirable clients is nearly a full time job. Many professionals find it daunting and distasteful or don’t know how... more about Strategic Business Development

Organizational Effectiveness

Think of organizations as complex machines, with each person, process and service functioning as a moving part. If the parts don’t fit well, the machine... more about Organizational Effectiveness

Influence, Relationship & Human Performance Skills

Professional services firms need and demand a lot from their people: long hours, strategic thinking, and extraordinary interpersonal skills. It’s all... more about Influence, Relationship & Human Performance Skills