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Survey Results

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Cross-Generational Conversation Survey Initial Findings

Peek at Survey Results

I am beginning here to report and reflect on responses to our proprietary Cross-Generational Conversation Survey. Those of you who completed the survey and left your email address will be getting a summary of findings when the analysis is completed. (The analysis is labor intensive since most of the questions have open-ended responses, and the many comments are so important.) We thank the respondents who gave their valuable time to contribute their thoughts. In the meantime, we will dribble out to all of you a few nuggets at a time.

     - Over 90% do not have a preference for working with people of their own generation.

     - Over two-thirds have no preference for working with any generation, whether older, younger or their own.

INSIGHT: On the surface that is good news for harmonious work and collaboration. But it would not be surprising that many people would be skeptical about that finding. (Our survey does not claim to be a scientific sampling, but we have no reason to believe people were not being candid.)

  1. Lack of knowledge transfer
  2. Manager and staff stress, health problems and disengagement
  3. Expensive turnover
  4. Inefficiencies in productivity
  5. Poor interaction with clients/customers (was selected by a little over 40%)

Other responses include: more diversity of thought; more personal approach to learning; improving the cultural climate and reducing personal agendas; better organizational health.

INSIGHT: Respondents realize a deficit of cross-generational conversation in work situations leads to stress and health problems as well as reduced productivity and turnover costs that have a negative effect on financial results. The symptoms might be frustration and complaints about colleagues’ work habits, withholding information necessary for continual successful client/customer relationships, trouble retaining valuable personnel, lack of creativity and innovation to maintain a competitive edge.