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Preparing New Partners: What to Expect™

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Picking the Right Partner Is Not Enough

Key Issues

These Are Profitability Issues

Benefits to the Firm

Benefits to the Individuals

Sharing Information Increases Loyalty

What Every Partner Should Know

How Can Firms Give New and Prospective Partners the Information They Need?

How We Can Help

Time is at a premium, and it is often difficult for firm management to be as objective and candid as the situation requires when there is a need to address sensitive subjects.

Practice Development Counsel, business development and service quality consultants to law firms, partnering with CPAs and law firm consultants, bring over 20 years of experience and third party objectivity to the orientation of new and prospective partners. With our partnership financial system and marketing and organizational development experience, we can convey the necessary information and its meaning to new partners, counsel and senior associates. The result is more satisfied and productive partners leading to a more successful firm.


We accomplish this through our custom-tailored seminars for new partners. The service consists of three steps:

We also design and deliver follow up sessions and services.

Alternatively, we provide a full day program.

*CLE credit will be applied for.

Contact Us to explore how this program can benefit your firm.

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is conducted by Phyllis Weiss Haserot, President of Practice Development Counsel, and partners from the Law Firm Group of a regional accounting and consulting firm.