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Solutions for Multi-Generational Challenges

“Need to manage the generation gap of twenty somethings and baby boomers? Phyllis is the person to lead you across the bridge. She provides valuable insight as to why people are acting the way they do and saying the things they say. All with a positive approach that builds team rapport and fosters long term stability for the company. And she keeps delivering with a fascinating free newsletter.”  Expert, Good Value, Creative
— JoAnn Patross, BNY Mellon

“Phyllis Weiss Haserot is one of the leading experts in the area of inter-generational relations in law firms.”
— Nancy Myrland, President, Myrland Marketing, Inc., Indianopolis, IN

Personable, Expert, High Integrity
“Your presentation was well received and has already provided us with new concepts for current and future discussions.  There were so many take a ways.  I don’t believe any of us knew the importance of being able to communicate across generations and the impact that it can have (positive and/or negative) in the workplace, especially in our work with colleagues and alumni.
Please know that you opened our eyes and minds – and that the Office of Alumni Affairs will work towards finding a healthy balance re: inter-generational communications and relationships on behalf of Cornell.
I know I will look to you for more coaching…please do keep the monthly e-tips coming!”
Margaret Gallo, Director, Office of Alumni Affairs, Cornell University

“It was a joy to listen to your presentation.  I only wish it could have been an entire afternoon! I look forward to learning more from you and hope that you do get a LinkedIn platform open so that I can participate.” 
Jane C. Harrison, J.D., Director, Marketing & Client Relations, Vowell & Jennings Court Reporters & Legal Video Services, Nashville TN

“Thank you so much for speaking at our May 2009 LMA Birmingham City Group Meeting. Bridging the multi-generational divide is a hot topic. I think many firms are looking for strategies to best handle the gap between Partners and Associates. Your speech was extremely eye-opening and I believe it will lead many firms to create more diverse attorney teams in order to overcome this obstacle. We would love to have you back again in the future.”
Virginia Eady, Burr & Forman, Program Chair, Legal Marketing Association Southeastern Chapter, Birmingham City Group

“Phyllis, you were great.  It was such an interesting conversation.  I wish we had more time.  The group was really engaged.”
Nancy B. Schess, Esq.  Partner, Klein Zelman Rothermel LLP

“I attended the Gotham Women’s luncheon where Phyllis Weiss Haserot spoke about intergenerational differences. While I knew that this was Phyllis’ specialty, it was the first time I’ve really heard her speak about these differences and how they affect the workplace. She gave a very clear definition of all the buzzwords and what each category really comprises (it’s not just based on one’s birth year!). I had never considered the differences from the younger point of view, rather than from that of the more established workforce. It was a good reminder that while we hope more established and experienced workers can continue to be a source of learning to young workers, they have just as much to teach us. Thanks, Phyllis! This was terrific.”
Ellin Yassky, Ph.D, Medici Editorial Services LLC

“I just scrolled through the archived issues of your monthly e-Alert listed, determined just to skim; but this is such great stuff that I’ve been reading and printing madly, soaking it all up like a thirsty sponge. Many, many thanks for sharing your research and conclusions — and for making it all so use-able!  I was thrilled when I was invited to attend Right Management’s “generations” program, and your brilliant observations and suggestions for next steps keep coming. Thank you, Phyllis! 
I look forward to reading any information your e-Alert makes available and I’m deeply grateful for all the gems you send.”
Sheila Schimmel, HR Director, Newton, MA 

“I find your work fascinating and a relief!  It helps me make sense of my dis-ease with some of my younger colleagues.”
Carol S. Coonrod, The Hunger Project

“Phyllis has spent a great deal of energy, time, and thought-leadership on generational issues and at this point, in my opinion, is an expert.”
Silvia L. Coulter, Vice President, Client Development and Growth Practice, Hildebrandt International

“Your excellent presentation today for the ALA generated good round table discussions at our office during your presentation. We certainly could relate to most of the issues you discussed. I think it helped the Shareholders understand the associates a little better. I think you’re right though, they’re not retiring at age 65, so we better figure out how to all get along.”
Jennifer Thiele, Administrator, Gross & Welch, P.C., L.L.O.,Omaha, NE

“Phyllis Weiss Haserot presented a fascinating topic -: “Generational Wisdom.” She showed a really deep understanding of the qualities of and differences between each generation. Generational differences often exist in companies, especially between senior management and younger employees and it is in these circumstances where Phyllis’s know-how comes into play.  We all need to relate to each other and having these basic understandings that Phyllis brought to us helped open my eyes.”
Josette Dewey, Sheffield Media Group

“I enjoyed your webcast on bridging intergenerational differences. Thanks for being such a great leader and educator on this topic.”
Lisa Horowitz, Esq., Senior Manager of Professional Development, Major International law firm

“I just read your current tips and couldn’t agree more…I find your tips invaluable, informative and relevant and necessary in order to keep the dialogue going with the younger generations. Thanks for the wonderful enlightenment.”
Flo Diamond, Owner, Refined Finds

“Again, insightful! I don’t think I would have ever recognized the impact age plays in strategy execution until you brought it up. Of course, I feel it, but you’ve given it substantive clarity. Thanks!”
Al Berrios, Managing Director, Management and Behavioral Economics Consulting firm

“Wow, this is brilliant, Phyllis. Thank you!”
Jezra Kay, Communiate with Power and Ease

Phyllis has combined her many abilities to follow her passion and broach the chasm of generational workplace divide to build a bridge across it. Her extensive work in generational relations has led her to write a book (in progress) on “Cross-Generational Conversation.” If your organization is experiencing any kind of generational divide, Phyllis is the expert to call.”
Flo Mauri, Principal, Thinking Well Consulting

“Your e-alerts are very impressive, and I think they will be very helpful to me transitioning into a new phase of my life and career. What you provide is informative and moral boosting.”
Olga Vezeris, Book Editor and Agent

“As usual, Phyllis you are ahead of the curve. Thanks for the Gen Y materials.”
Margie Turner, Turner & Associates, Buffalo, New York

“I love being on your list…I think about you and the mission of your organization when I go to work, as my company (about 350 employees spread over three locations) is highly diverse and very liberal. We range in age from 21 to 92, all sizes, shapes and colors.
Judy Walter, Director, Human Resources, Share Group Inc.

I enjoyed reading your article for Aging Today on the intergenerational workforce... I would love to see the kind of knowledge transfer and mentoring recommended in your article become a reality.

—  Betsy Werley, Executive Director, The Transition Network

Your enthusiasm and refreshing approach almost makes me want to go back to full-time practice.

—  Retired law firm partner

Organizational Effectiveness

“Phyllis Weiss Haserot is highly knowledgeable of both intergenerational style differences within the same workplace and varying work styles. Phyllis and I spoke several times about the DISC personality profiles and I used them successfully at a retreat for the law firm’s associate attorneys. She is well versed in working with professional service organizations and had an excellent grasp of my efforts as the law firm’s first-ever marketing director.”                                                                                                                                                  
— Mary Ellen Miller, Director of Marketing, Hunter, Smith & Davis, LLP

“Our program went very well and there was a lot of good learning shared among the team. Your insights were indeed great food for thought for me in preparation.”
— Claudia Gilman, Corporate General Counsel, Boston, MA

“Phyllis is a wonderful speaker and insightful adviser. If you have not been to her website, it is worth browsing through the hundreds of articles on practice development, career counseling, and collaborative culture.”
— Mark Beese, Former Marketing Director, Holland & Hart, Denver CO. , Author of Leadership for Lawyers blog

“I have always been impressed with how thorough and on the leading edge any work that Phyllis does is. Those two qualities enable her to sustain a consultancy with demanding professionals. That said, she is also a person who genuinely cares about the people she serves and the clients they serve. If you are looking for a win/win innovative provider select Phyllis!”
— Stewart Levine, ResolutionWorks

“I recently read your excellent article titled Managing for Retention and Productivity. This article was extremely pertinent because our District Attorneys Office has lost many new lawyers to private firms. Your article confirmed my impression that merely throwing money at the problem, i.e., increasing salaries is not a solution at all. Effort making the office a better environment to work may be more effective.”
— Ron Freitas, San Joaquin County District Attorneys Office

“On behalf of Gotham and all the members I want to thank you for the job you did drafting, analyzing and putting together the results from our Annual Survey .It was discussed at great length at the Summit with all of the Chairs and GC’s and received very well. It has initiated many discussions and will probably result in some new and exciting opportunities for members.”
— Mitch Tobol, Gotham Webmaster, Gotham City Networking, an organization of over 800members in the New York and major metropolitan areas

“As for the coaching, I am doing the priorities list and low and behold things are getting done!!! Thank you for your time, it is helping!”
— George M Phillips, Office Administrator, Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP, San Francisco

“On behalf of the Association for Accounting Marketing, I would like to express tremendous thanks for your presentation at the AAM ‘Beyond Strategy to Purpose’ conference in Kansas City. I enjoyed hearing your perspective on partner consensus and conflict. It seems that this subject is what accounting marketers have to deal with on a continual basis. So, I appreciated the tips you shared.”
— Debbie M. Ketel, Marketing Director, Ketel Thorstenson, LLP

“As a colleague, I know Phyllis to be a creative force in her industry. Phyllis is not only a brilliant marketing strategist – she continuously reinvents herself to meet the challenges and demands of an evolving workplace. In doing so, she provides a level of expertise that encourages the organization to adjust the business model to better reflect and make the most of the attributes across all the generations. One of Phyllis’ talents is seeing patterns (everywhere, but especially) in the workplace. This talent translates into a discovery process for the firm or company who hires her and ultimately provides the benefit of improving client service and internal cohesion.
— Flo Mauri, Principal, Thinking Well Consulting

Strategic Business Development

“Phyllis Haserot has been of invaluable assistance in helping me shape a marketing program targeted to my intellectual property client base and then nudging me just enough to ensure I carry it out. “I have so much enjoyed working with Phyllis over these past few years. She is wonderfully creative, knowledgeable, responsive and helpful. Phyllis knows the legal marketplace extremely well and I have gained valuable insights and assistance from our coaching sessions. My time with her has been well spent. I recommend her highly.”  Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative                                                                                                    
— Andrew Berger, Tannenbaum Helpern, Syracuse & Hirschtritt  LLP

“Working with you on business development skills training and coaching as a partner at Charles Hecht & Company LLP, I found myself much more focused, developed a higher level of comfort with my marketing role and paid more attention to follow up. We also dealt with some difficult internal issues that were getting in the way of team efforts. Thank you for your time and professionalism.”
— Thomas Engelhardt, CPA, Partner, Marks Paneth & Shron LLP

“Our firm, which had no formal marketing program before we engaged you to help us, has benefited from a heightened awareness of the need to market, how to do it, and the desirability of teamwork for marketing. You also helped us stress our focus on initiatives in particular practice niches, which have much greater potential than we were realizing.
For me personally, while I have had substantial success in business generation before working with you, your efforts have led to considerably more action in making and using my contacts for new business. It has paid off. In addition, you have been instrumental in getting us media attention for one of my niche areas, “business divorce,” which immediately had the phone ringing.
You have also pushed us as a partnership toward discussing important management issues we had tended to avoid. We continue to have these discussions.”
— John M. Brickman, Partner and Head of Litigation Practice, Ackerman, Levine, Cullen & Brickman LLP

“Compassionate, optimistic, and knowledgeable, Phyllis is a well connected leader, a mentor, and a professional. Her marketing expertise spans from intergenerational issues within the workplace to being a professional coach to understanding and tracking ROI. Phyllis has helped me develop as a legal marketer and has spoken as a consultant at various marketing seminars that I have hosted. She is a good listener, an excellent writer, and a pleasure and an asset to have on one’s team.”
— Michael Fensterstock, Marketing Director, Fensterstock & Partners LLP

“You are a wonderful questioner… observant, persistent, but gentle. Thank you for your time, wisdom, good company and great reading list!” 
— Beverly Neufield,  Non-Profit Consultant andFormer Executive Director, The White House Project

“Phyllis is an intelligent and charismatic professional, as well as a dynamic speaker and conscientious author. I have worked with Phyllis to produce two publications, and she is a content partner with my business unit of Thomson Reuters. In all capacities, Phyllis provides the highest level of guidance and valuable information to firms on strategic marketing planning, business development and organizational effectiveness. I extend my highest recommendation on her behalf.”
— Gina Spiezia, Associate Publisher, West (ThomsonReuters)

“Thank you so much for facilitating the business development discussion at our meeting. The neutrals had very positive things to say about your presentation. I am optimistic about their renewed commitment to their existing relationships.”
— Beth Wiener, JAMS

“We want to thank you for all that you have done for our firm over four years. It has been a pleasure working with you during this period of time.”
— Donald J. Bezahler, Former Administrative Partner, Baer Marks & Upham LLP

“Thank you for the excellent job you did for our Board of Directors over the summer by facilitating the strategy planning meetings. As we go through our transition phase from a mid-size non profit to its next phase of growth, the sessions were extremely useful in helping the Board, Advisory Committee members and staff to come to terms with key issues that are arising as we move forward. We also have been able to take the steps toward identifying roles and responsibilities more clearly.
As we go through this dynamic process of change and growth within this challenging environment of a post 9/11 New York, we feel more confident that we are clear in our direction.”
— President/CEO, Not-for-profit Arts Organization

“Phyllis is one of the best, and certainly the most experienced, law firm consultant and attorney coach. She and I have co-authored feature articles that have appeared in major law firm publications due to her reputation and insightfulness. If you law firm has great lawyers that want to become great rainmakers, Phyllis is the go to person you want.”
— Mark Pruner, President, Web Counsel, LLC  

“I need to send another $100 just because having Phyllis Weiss Haserot on this listserve would be worth doubling the price. I don’t know where I’d be today had I not had The Rainmaking Machine on my desk at all times.”
— Angela Spall, Director of Marketing, Lionel Sawyer & Collins

“I’m gearing up to get a good foundation put together prior to my leave & you’ve certainly helped me to do that.”
— Kathy Lester, Director of Business Development & Marketing, Gray Plant Mooty

“Phyllis has an amazingly fertile creative mind and loves to discuss ideas. She is also very savvy about how to implement those ideas. Working with her is fun and informative and frequently provides a new perspective, even if the subject is something I think I know very well.”
— Steven Skyles-Mulligan,  Executive Director, Evoke Strategies

It turned into something I hadn’t anticipated – a frank and open discussion about where we want to go.
I’m thinking we will want to have you back to talk substance, but you did a great job facilitating and going with the flow. I also think there will be buy-in re coaching.
Partner, New York-based Law Firm

Influence, Relationship and Human Performance Skills

“Your tips are right on the mark for me. I only wish I knew half this stuff upon starting out my career.”
— Gwen Onatolu, Management Resource Services, Inc., Chicago

“Phyllis, thank you for your insights this morning. I just met with two members of the Advisory Committee. I was able to ask some of my most burning questions, and provide them with insight that I had gained from our discussions and from my own analysis of the issue. Our time working on that issue was well spent . . .
….As always, I thought our session yesterday was very invigorating and fruitful. These ideas may seem simple and perfectly obvious to you, but I had not really focused on them before. Hearing them from you gave them validation.….I thoroughly enjoyed our meeting last week. Your help has been so valuable for me this year. Thank you again for your input. You gave me the confidence to assume the management role that I should have been filling all along.”
— Mary Jane Augustine, Partner, 400 lawyer firm, New York – now a practice leader

“Your teleconference was both enjoyable and instructive, exactly what such events are supposed to be, but rarely are. I want, especially, to congratulate you on a number of points:
1. The preparatory materials you forwarded prior to the teleconference enabled all of us to prepare for the meeting and “to hit the ground running;"
2. Your “BUILD YOUR INFLUENCE QUOTIENT (IQ)” presentation is terrific. Clear and concise.
3. And, most important, you yourself are the best trainer/coach I have met. Supportive, insightful, devoid of empty platitudes and “psycho-babble,” you offered specific suggestions in response to the specific questions which people asked, and your responses were particularly relevant to the venues in which they work.
As a management consultant, my “influence quotient” must be high, and I found the teleconference to be extraordinarily helpful and productive.”
— Donald Cecchi, Management Consultant

“Thanks for the great seminar yesterday. The more I’m reminded of my personality traits, the better person I become. I like the test you administered, and I enjoyed my discussion group. I thought the format was effective and the summaries were concise and straight-forward.”
— Natasha Kohne, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer Feld LLP

“Phyllis’ perspective on influencing individuals was thorough and “eye opening”. Also helped me do some self-reflection.”
— Elizabeth Butcher, Robinson & Cole LLP

“Phyllis’ coaching advice is well delivered and valuable. She has a way of getting to the heart of the matter without being intimidating. She is a very gently effective teacher.”
— Melinda Guillemette, Former President, Association for Accounting Marketing,

“…your ideas work anywhere . . . thank you for common sense, dignity and some measure of sanity in the workplace.”
— Barbara Guillette 

“As you were talking I was imaging preparing and presenting my proposal, so it was quite helpful. I was thinking about how to be a better lobbyist. I now have some new ideas about getting people ready; preparing them for what I’m about to propose
You were clear and had an organized approach. You asked engaging questions and got people to participate. It was well-delivered and I loved your slides. They were great.!”
— Flo Mauri, Thinking Well Consulting

“Another great class. Thanks.”
— Stephanie Chau, Salomon Brothers Asset Management

“You were well prepared and I appreciated the notes beforehand Everything was covered in the course description. You are well versed and comfortable in your subject matter as well as experientially versed easily sharing experiences.”
— Janet Spittler, Ceramic Artist, Life Coach

“This is the first time I have attended one of these sessions and I found it very helpful.”.
— Michelle Johnson, Executive Director, Howard Rice Nemerovski Canaday Falk & Rapkin LLP (Formerly at Thelen Reid & Priest LLP)

Speaking Engagements

Dear Phyllis, Thank you so much for serving as a panelist at our Cocktails and Conversations event last night, Bridging the Generation Gap: Reaching Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials. It was so enlightening to hear about your work with three different generations. It can be challenging to connect various age groups, but your actionable tips were so helpful and will help our attendees to be more productive and connect with various audiences. We truly appreciate your time.
Sincerely, New York Women in Communications

I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU for what I considered to have been a fantastic event last Friday. I really enjoyed myself and the results are in: approximately 70% of attendees gave the event high ratings for whether attendees would recommend a similar event to others, which is a very high rating!
Ashley Binter ‘97, Associate Director, Cornell Silicon Valley (CSV) Office of Alumni Affairs, Cornell University 

I loved the Gen XtraordinaY program and the subject matter.  Coaching several generational groups, it is always a good reminder to hear about the differences each generation brings to the workforce.  Very informative and worthwhile.  I look forward to more of these great programs.
Terry R. Yoffe, TRY Coaching LLC


I just wanted to personally thank you for the time and effort you put into the program and for your commitment to its great success today.  It was really comforting for novice speakers like me to have you at the helm.  Your expert direction certainly eased my nerves and contributed significantly to the resounding success we had today.
Thank you so much!

Thank YOU very much for the very enlightening talk – you were terrific and I think everyone was impressed.
All the best and thank again – I really enjoyed working with you.

Dear Phyllis—I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your presentation last night.  Your delivery and the interaction were great, and the subject matter was very interesting—something that everyone can relate to.
Harriet Orol, Connell & Wiener LLP

Thanks so much for a very interesting and engaging presentation at the STRIDES event last evening.  The topic generated much interest (and, as you experienced, much discussion).
Chris and Mary, Law firm partners, co-chairs of the Women’s initiative

“You certainly kept the attention of everyone in that room — and on a Saturday morning, no less. Thank you so much for your participation. We greatly appreciate having “the experts” show us the way, and you proved to be just that. The discussions were very enlightening.”
— Laura Baker, Kirkland & Ellis LLP

“Thank you so much for speaking at our May 2009 LMA Birmingham City Group Meeting. Bridging the multi-generational divide is a hot topic. I think many firms are looking for strategies to best handle the gap between Partners and Associates. Your speech was extremely eye-opening and I believe it will lead many firms to create more diverse attorney teams in order to overcome this obstacle. We would love to have you back again in the future.’
— Virginia Eady, Burr & Forman, Program Chair, Legal Marketing Association Southeastern Chapter, Birmingham City Group

“On behalf of the Association for Accounting Marketing, I would like to express our heartfelt thanks for your recent coaching skills presentation at the AAM Marketing Summit. I took some good ideas and will be referring back to your presentation outline to make use of the information you shared.”
— Judith A. Kennedy, Sales & Marketing Manager, BKD, LLP

“Thanks Phyllis! You did a great job. The interactive presentation was well received. I hope to get to work with you again.”
— Robert Veon, Chair, Young Lawyers Division, Defense Research Institute

“Your speech was exactly what we were looking for and was well received by the audience. We appreciate your sharing your insights and knowledge with the audience. I think everyone who attended took something away from your session that will be helpful.”
— Laura Proctor, Program Chair, Defense Research Institute, Young Lawyers Annual Conference

“Thanks again so much for coming and doing the program — great job!
— Stewart Hirsch, Strategic Relationships, Legal Marketing Association/New England 2004 Conference Committee

“Your presentation was very interesting and I know the alumnae present were fascinated in the results of the exercise your provided.”
— Marike Bradford Toothaker, Senior Associate Director, Cornell University Regional Office

“I was very impressed with the detail in your presentation and in your materials.”
— Pamela H. Young, Manager, Professional Development and Training, Haynes and Boone, LLP

“I am writing to thank you for your participation in the lunch program at the City Bar. This program was a terrific success, and I am grateful for your help.”
— Steven M. Ratner, Law Office of Steven M. Ratner and Chair of New York CityBar Small law Firm Committee

“On behalf of the New York Women’s Bar Association, I would like to thank you for your participation in last night’s CLE program on business development. The program was extremely well received and it was due in large part to your participation. I greatly appreciate your generosity in sharing your time for what we consider to be an important topic to all attorneys, particularly women attorneys.”
— Heather Martinez Zona, Former President, New York Women’s Bar Association

“Phyllis' personal development presentation was great. It helped us identify insightful information about our strengths that we can harness to become more effective legal marketing professionals and to better define our management style.”
Linda Gharib
Kaplan Fox & Kilsheimer LLP

“Phyllis' perspective on influencing individuals was thorough and “eye opening”. Also helped me do some self-reflection.”
Elizabeth Butcher
Robinson & Cole

Publications  Section
The Marketer’s Handbook of Tips & Checklists

“The Marketer’s Handbook of Tips and Checklists is a must read for every legal marketing professional!  Phyllis has done an excellent job of capturing and synthesizing the key areas of responsibility, focus, client service and management that marketing professionals address every day.  The very practical format of checklists,  things to do and not do, top 10 (and in some cases +1) tips and guidelines makes this an easy-to-read and solid ready reference guide. This book should be on every legal marketer’s desk!”
—  Despina Kartson, Chief Marketing Officer, Latham & Watkins LLP

“Phyllis has done a remarkable job of creating a comprehensive and user-friendly checklist of every possible approach and tactic one can use to manage and pursue marketing and sales opportunities – if you employ the strategies outlined in this book, there is little doubt that you will become a rainmaking guru.”                                              
— Pamela V. Rothenberg, Esquire, Washington D.C. Office Managing Member, Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, PLLC

“What a great book.  Those who stand out do so through a combination of passion, sincerity and strategy.  Phyllis Weiss Haserot’s excellent collection of tips and checklists helps you execute on that strategy to achieve distinction.”                                                                                                                                                                    
— Ari L. Kaplan, Esq., author, The Opportunity Maker: Strategies for Inspiring Your Legal Career Through Creative Networking and Business Development

“I was very impressed by how deceptively simple, yet incredibly informative “The Marketer’s Handbook of Tips & Checklists” is. A “how to” guide — but a really smart one that obviously was informed by many years of experience in the profession. It is exceptionally valuable and useful for both seasoned professionals as well as those new to the profession wanting to learn about approaches that have proven to achieve results. I am going to keep it handy.” 
— Bob Robertson, Director of Business Development Services, Greenberg Traurig LLP, New York

“Now more than ever before, the transition from associate to partner requires solid business development skills. Wherever you are in the process, from just getting started to fine tuning your existing strategies, The Marketer’s Handbook provides practical, easy-to-use information and gives you the tools you need to market and build your practice. It’s really a great job and very useful.”
— Jonathan Hughes, Partner and Management Committee, member Howard Rice Nemerovski Canaday Falk & Rapkin LLP 

The Rainmaking Machine

“The Rainmaking Machine takes all the law firm business development and marketing concepts, successes and challenges and provides a directory of useful tools and insights.  I found the “Trendwatching” chapter to be especially right on point and look forward to our next generation of marketing and Business development ideas and implementations.”
— Jeanne Hammerstrom, Chief Marketing Officer, Benesch Friedlander Caplan & Aronoff LLP

What a POWERHOUSE book!!! Kudos to Ms. Haserot for putting all you need to know to be successful in the legal profession into 800 pages. The interpersonal skills, organizational dynamics, networking, collaboration and coaching she emphasizes are not only invaluable, they are essential for success.  This book should be required reading for all lawyers. 
— Carol A. Palmer, NY Office Administrator, Thompson Hine LLP

“Phyllis Weiss Harerot, one of the deans of legal marketing, has collected in one place the summation of her over 20 years serving lawyers and their clients.  In this 800 page book, you’ll find all you’ll need to have as a go-to-book.  Whether it’s used as a reference by the experienced marketer, or a how-to by the newly arrived, this book should find a place on the desk of many in our industry.”
— John Rumely, Manager, New York City Marketing, Nixon Peabody LLP

“Like every managing partner, I repeatedly hear lawyers say that they hate to sell, and know that this usually means they never developed the necessary skills to sell professional services.  In The Rainmaking Machine, Marketing Planning, Strategies, and Management for Law Firms 2d Edition Phyllis Weiss Hasserot   has written an indispensable guide to selling legal services. The material is simple, straightforward and filled with common sense suggestions for generating and retaining clients in the most cost effective and professional manner.   I recommend this book to every law firm managing partner and marketing director.”
— Ronald B. Grais, Partner, Jenner & Block LLP, Formerly COO  Schwartz Cooper Chartered, Chicago, Illinois.

“A comprehensive guide from internal and external marketing tips to benchmarking and client service advice.  Ms. Haserot’s book is steeped in strategies based on practical research and her experience as a law firm consultant.  Included are in-house counsel pet peeves to how individual attorneys can overcome obstacles to become expert rainmakers.  I heartily recommend this book to attorneys, marketing and professional development directors and law firm leadership.”
— Linda L. Hardenstein, MPA, Certified Coach and Director of Training & Professional Development, Washington, DC