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Phyllis weiss haserot

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Cross-Generational Conversation Day

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Why:  Today, generational worldviews inform and influence attitudes and behaviors that affect employee interactions, productivity, work environment, and client retention. By creating a forum for respectful discussion and resolution, companies and organizations of all kinds can foster better relationships among their multi-generations of employees—improvements that will both enhance financial success and make them a “best place to work.”

It’s more than “nice to do.” It’s a business imperative.

The Business Case for increasing cross-generational conversation at work.

A groundbreaking national CROSS-GENERATIONAL DAY of Multi-Generational Connections through Conversations at Work. Our mission is to raise awareness of the significance and implications of intergenerational challenges at work and to teach methods that lead to conversations and positive change at all levels.

How:  A workplace-based series of events, through small group discussions and shared live streaming of engaging conversation catalysts, to effectively create better communications and collaborations across generational lines.

Who:  Participants in the “Day” will be multi-generational groups of employees, managers, and business owners in all types of public and private organizations connecting in meaningful conversations on solving problems with generational impact. We hope to count you among them!

Where and When:  National CGC Day will be held at a wide variety of workplaces around the country. To participate or for more information, contact

Cross-Generational Conversation Day at Work





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For further information, contact Phyllis Weiss Haserot, founder of Cross-Generational Conversation Day at or 212-593-1549.