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Phyllis weiss haserot

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Cross-Generational Conversation Program

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Phyllis Weiss Haserot will facilitate - and can teach your firm to implement – her proprietary *Cross-Generational Conversation* program – an experiential, attitude-changing process that brings the different generations together in a non-threatening environment to solve multi-generational work challenges.

Tangible Results

After participating in the *Cross-Generational Conversation* program, firms and work teams will profit from:

The Process

In this live, custom-tailored, *Cross-Generational Conversation* program, Phyllis takes the different generations of a professional services organization through a 3-step process that includes:

  1. management briefings;
  2. experiential, attitude-shifting workshops; and
  3. facilitated multi-generational team dialogues that ultimately achieve lasting change.

The 3-step process consists of:

  1. Management Advice: A two-way, one hour briefing on key issues, cultural guideposts and pitfalls, and specific situations in order to determine priorities and customize workshops. Plus periodic progress updates.
  2. “Generational Wisdom” Workshops: for the older generations and the younger generations, in which perceptions and misperceptions are surfaced, assumptions are challenged and foundations for better inter-generational communication and relationships are built.
  3. Facilitated Multi-generational Dialogues: within work teams to pave the way for transparency and smoother teamwork. We devise targeted communications strategies and ways to articulate expectations that achieve generational harmony and increased productivity based on the most current demographic and social trends and work expectations research. We use the Everything DiSC Workplace assessment tool and comparison reports to incorporate behavioral insights which change existing negative interpersonal dynamics.

    A follow up dialogue session to reinforce solutions and teach an ongoing process for effective dialogue.

How Is This Different?

Going beyond delivering keynote speeches to create awareness of generational differences, Phyllis brings a potent combination of extensive marketing, mediation and organizational effectiveness expertise to solve the multi-generational workplace challenges within work teams and client teams – where change actually happens.

There is no more direct way to achieve constructive, collaborative communication and to transform workplaces into engaging, perpetually effective work environments than through awareness training and a sequence of eye-opening, situation-specific dialogues — everything this process enables.

What is so cool about the “Cross-Generational Conversation” process is that it changes tense inter-generational relationships, mired in lack of understanding and miscommunication, into productive, constructive collaboration because participants experience being heard, understood and respected. Here’s a prime opportunity to transform obsolete talent management and client development models.

Why You Need to Take Action Now!

If you are thinking this is “nice to do” but not “need to do,” consider this:
If you continue to treat inter-generational challenges superficially, or remain unaware of their dangers of creating emotionally toxic or ineffectual environments, you will lose valuable clients, talent and revenue and waste potentially billable time, when you could reverse these outcomes through the *Cross-Generational Conversation* process.

You might not even be aware of what is causing undesirable behaviors. What you don’t know can hurt.


Consultant, facilitator, speaker, author and blogger on inter-generational relations, Phyllis Weiss Haserot is “the cross-generational voice,” who, for over 20 years, as president/founder of Practice Development Counsel, has worked with professional services firms, consulting and coaching on business development and organizational effectiveness and now focuses on improving relations among the different generations for increased productivity, retention, succession planning and business development results. (see detailed bio)

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