Phyllis weiss haserot
Phyllis weiss haserot

President & Founder

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Build Your IQ Coaching Group

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Do You Wish You Were More Proficient At Influencing Others?

All you need is a phone to connect you to a valuable resource:

Based on the enthusiastic and positive feedback from her teleclass, “Building Your Influence Quotient (IQ)” and in-person workshops, Phyllis Weiss Haserot, president of Practice Development Counsel (, business development and organizational effectiveness consultant, coach and author is leading coaching groups around the subject of Building Your Influence.

Here are some of the things you can expect to take away from joining the coaching group:

  1. Successfully apply the principles of persuasion to your situations
  2. Use storytelling to capture people’s emotions and persuade
  3. Overcome the blocks to getting influential people to support you

The agendas will be the group members’ agendas. However, we will start off with various themes each time, such as:

In order to give individual attention to the issues you are facing and build a sense of “community,” we will keep each group small – no more than 6 persons per group.

Investment/Cost for the Charter Group members is only $99 per session (one per month), paid in 3 month segments ($297). Included in the fee are:

  1. A one-hour group call once a month.
  2. Anytime short calls to Phyllis on any specific issue you have between scheduled calls.
  3. E-mail access to Phyllis (and group members, if they agree) between calls.
  4. The full DiSC Personal Profile assessment with detailed report (a $40 value).
  5. Influence assessments, people-reading tips and other relevant material and resources as we go along.

Special offer: If you refer another person who joins a group, we will give you a 15% discount off your fee.

Contact Phyllis for a complimentary, exploratory interview at 212-593-1549 or


“ Supportive, insightful, devoid of empty platitudes and “psycho-babble,” you offered specific suggestions in response to the specific questions which people asked, and your responses were particularly relevant to the venues in which they work.”
Donald Cecchi
— Management Consultant

“ Phyllis' perspective on influencing individuals was thorough and “eye opening”. She also helped me do some self-reflection.”
Elizabeth Butcher
— Marketing Specialist
Large Law Firm

“Makes you aware of the way you approach and interact so you can be more effective.”
Carol Huang
— Physician

“As you were talking I was imaging preparing and presenting my proposal, so it was quite helpful. I was thinking about how to be a better lobbyist... You asked engaging questions and got people to participate. It was really good!”
Flo Mauri
— Coach and New York University faculty member