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Phyllis weiss haserot

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Facilitation Skills Training

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Are your firm's practice group, business development, management and other meetings effective, to-the-point, and time-efficient? Meetings should be held only when getting people together face-to-face, participating, adds value to accomplishing the objective. Each meeting should have a leader who knows how to run a meeting, to be a facilitator. Good facilitation skills can make a significant, bottom line difference between fractious time-wasters and productive, consensus building, cooperation building meetings.

Facilitating is establishing a situation that enables someone else – a group or an individual – to accomplish a task. In facilitating, we teach, remove barriers, coach, and guide individuals so the group can stay on track and reach their goals, and we establish an environment in which work proceeds more easily.

Lawyers are not natural facilitators, but they can learn the skills to run better internal meetings and retreat sessions as well as client-related meetings and outside organization meetings. Practice Development Counsel provides facilitation skills training for all the professionals and managers in a firm that needs to run effective meetings. Topics, which we custom-tailor for your firm, include:

Training covers: planning and managing meetings; group dynamics; process-orientation, problem-solving and conflict management.


Call 212-593-1549 or e-mail Phyllis at for a confidential exploratory discussion on how to make this work for your firm.