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05/2016 Getting to “Yes” with Millennials

Despite some of the media hype, about the divide between Millennials and their older colleagues at work, forging common ground is not a hopeless task or an expensive one. It does require willingness of both parties to address perceptions and stereotypes and engage in open conversation. I offer some advice for both Gen Y/Millennials and their managers.

04/2016 Insights from Cross-Generational Conversation with the Media

The message from the professionals to young workers and students continues to be work hard, persevere, reach out, and you do have to “pay your dues.”

At the Conversations in Journalism conference recently at Columbia University, two panels were particularly relevant for cross-generational perspectives, and the views are applicable way beyond the media industries.


03/2016 Who Said Millennials Are Risk-Takers? Challenge vs. Risk

Gen Y/Millennials are showing their adaptability as they sour on sexy startups and all they connote in favor of more stable and secure older, larger tech companies after seeing share prices plunge on some big names. At the same time big banks are competing for talent by offering Silicon Valley-type perks. Here are some details and takeaways.

02/2016 5 Interpersonal Hindrances to Productivity

The obstacles to productivity can be formidable. Mostly what I see and hear discussed are the more technical and logistical aspects. Yet in a company or other enterprise context, the interpersonal obstacles are the greatest. Here are the top 5 interpersonal obstacles and how to start to address them.

01/2016 “You Can’t Google It!”

The missing skills employers are asking for are the long valued abilities of written and oral communication, adaptability, managing multiple priorities, making decisions and problem-solving. And you can’t google (online search) to acquire those skills!

12/2015 5 Steps to INTER-GENERATIONAL STRESS Solutions

Unresolved inter-generational tensions can cause stress that decreases engagement, productivity and ultimately, profitability. The symptoms are likely to strike workers at all levels and management – up to the top. This e-tip lists 5 common symptoms and then gives 5 approaches to avoiding the potential stress.

11/2015 Gen Y/Z Rainmaking: Learning from the Daughter of “The Good Wife.”

Recently in a webcast interview I was asked: How are firms addressing the change in how clients are secured? Is that dynamic changing with the younger professionals (Millennials) who are moving up in the ranks?  My response, together with a scenario from a hit TV show, is elaborated on here.

10/2015 How to Engage Partners and Influencers

Many young professionals are eager to build strong relationships with partners, senior managers and mentors on an individual basis. The best route is through questions that show a personal interest but in a professional manner. However, they may feel unsure of what is both appropriate and engaging. Here are some questions that fill the bill when conveyed with sincere interest.