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11/2015 Gen Y/Z Rainmaking: Learning from the Daughter of “The Good Wife.”

Recently in a webcast interview I was asked: How are firms addressing the change in how clients are secured? Is that dynamic changing with the younger professionals (Millennials) who are moving up in the ranks?  My response, together with a scenario from a hit TV show, is elaborated on here.

10/2015 How to Engage Partners and Influencers

Many young professionals are eager to build strong relationships with partners, senior managers and mentors on an individual basis. The best route is through questions that show a personal interest but in a professional manner. However, they may feel unsure of what is both appropriate and engaging. Here are some questions that fill the bill when conveyed with sincere interest.

09/2015 How To Unblock The Generational Gridlock

I am frequently asked about the potential for conflict between older and younger people in the workplace “Why won’t those Boomers realize it’s time to go?” some of them think. While personal priorities will dominate each individual’s decisions, there’s a bigger-picture need for restructuring. Here's how to unblock the pipeline.

08/2015 Who Has the Greater Appetite for Leading?

We are wading deeper into a period of large leadership shifts. The Baby Boomer generation, still the largest group in charge, increasingly will be handing over their leadership roles. The early consensus had been that Gen Xers, by age and tenure the next in line to take over, was not really very interested. It’s been suggested that Gen Y/Millennials are more eager to be leaders. Who do you think is more willing to lead? Who is most prepared to lead?

07/2015 Organizational Culture Through a Generational Lens

While all generations have influenced their workplaces to some degree, the Millennial (or Gen Y) generation is the first in which associates are having a significant impact on culture shift from the time they enter the organization if not before. Culture seems to be a hotter topic than ever, and it’s not all good news. 

06/2015 Why Gen Y Thinks Differently about Money

Here is another intergenerational (GenY/Millennial and Boomer) dialogue. We hope you enjoy and gain some insights from the conversation. I began by asking: How do Gen Y/Millennials attitudes toward money and financial rewards compare with those of other generations?

05/2015 What Irritates Other Generations about Gen Y: A Graduating Millennial Takes a Candid Look at Her Peer Group

As part of her experience as my extern during her junior year at Cornell, I gave Danielle Kronenfeld (DK) a number of questions to write about and discuss with me. We published one piece as a blog last year. Here is another with her updated views on what irritates older generations about Gen Y/Millennials and why they think the way they do.

04/2015 The Missing Piece: Cross-Generational Conversation Unites Generations and Genders

Often I find myself engaged in conversations with both younger and older women about what might be called the intersection of gender and generations issues at work. Several women express the strong belief that women have actually made little or no progress in attaining leadership and management positions in the last 10 or 15 years except in their own businesses.

The best strategy for achieving more success for everyone is to sincerely and substantively involve men in the conversations and in implementing the solutions. Now we have one of the best opportunities to take advantage of the intersection with generational attitudes.