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Phyllis weiss haserot

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Generational Wisdom for Mentors and Mentees Program

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Daunted by dueling generational attitudes?
Exhausted by "engaging" "entitled" young employees?
Mystified by how to manage your parents' generation?

The attitudes and behaviors of Baby Boomers, Generations X and Y often diverge or clash, each believing confidently that their generation's way is oh so "right." The results are frustration, compromised communication, and loss of opportunity and talent.

Law, accounting and other professional service firms face the dual challenges of:

To help navigate this largely unchartered territory I've developed a 3-module program called "Generational Wisdom for Mentors and Mentees."

The goals of this series of programs are:

Note: The program goes beyond defining generational attributes to interpreting what they mean and how to address them to create more productive and rewarding mentoring relationships.

Participants will learn:

"Generational Wisdom for Mentors and Mentees" delivers the best results for the firm by conducting all three modules. However, I can structure it so that you commit to one segment at a time if that better suits your existing budget. (I want to make it easy for you to get started soon.) The program modules are designed for:

Module #1. Mentors only
Module #2. Mentors and mentees
Module #3. Mentees only
Optional - another mentor and mentee program 6 months later

ADDED VALUE - Included are short bites of prompt response e-mail coaching for mentors throughout our working relationship. (More extensive coaching is additional.)

I have thrown my energies into the fascinating generational issues facing and often bewildering organizations today. Now your firm can benefit from my generational wisdom and gain your own.

Call me at 212-593-1549 or e-mail now to structure a "Generational Wisdom for Mentors and Mentees" program that works for your firm.

Why do you need to do this?

The benefits of the generational wisdom the mentors and mentees will get from the program are likely to translate into interactions that lead to positive change in the firm - increased productivity, retention, flexibility and better business development results.

*What's Third-Wave mentoring?