Phyllis weiss haserot
Phyllis weiss haserot

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“Phyllis Weiss Haserot is highly knowledgeable of both intergenerational style differences within the same workplace and varying work styles. Phyllis and I spoke several times about the DISC personality profiles and I used them successfully at a retreat for the law firm’s associate attorneys. She is well versed in working with professional service organizations and had an excellent grasp of my efforts as the law firm’s first-ever marketing director.”
— Mary Ellen Miller, Director of Marketing, Hunter, Smith & Davis, LLP

“Our program went very well and there was a lot of good learning shared among the team. Your insights were indeed great food for thought for me in preparation.”
— Claudia Gilman, Corporate General Counsel, Boston, MA

“Phyllis is a wonderful speaker and insightful adviser. If you have not been to her website, it is worth browsing through the hundreds of articles on practice development, career counseling, and collaborative culture.”
— Mark Beese, Former Marketing Director, Holland & Hart, Denver CO. , Author of Leadership for Lawyers blog

“I have always been impressed with how thorough and on the leading edge any work that Phyllis does is. Those two qualities enable her to sustain a consultancy with demanding professionals. That said, she is also a person who genuinely cares about the people she serves and the clients they serve. If you are looking for a win/win innovative provider select Phyllis!”
— Stewart Levine, ResolutionWorks

“I recently read your excellent article titled Managing for Retention and Productivity. This article was extremely pertinent because our District Attorneys Office has lost many new lawyers to private firms. Your article confirmed my impression that merely throwing money at the problem, i.e., increasing salaries is not a solution at all. Effort making the office a better environment to work may be more effective.”
— Ron Freitas, San Joaquin County District Attorneys Office

“On behalf of Gotham and all the members I want to thank you for the job you did drafting, analyzing and putting together the results from our Annual Survey .It was discussed at great length at the Summit with all of the Chairs and GC’s and received very well. It has initiated many discussions and will probably result in some new and exciting opportunities for members.”
— Mitch Tobol, Gotham Webmaster, Gotham City Networking, an organization of over 800members in the New York and major metropolitan areas

“As for the coaching, I am doing the priorities list and low and behold things are getting done!!! Thank you for your time, it is helping!”
— George M Phillips, Office Administrator, Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP, San Francisco

“On behalf of the Association for Accounting Marketing, I would like to express tremendous thanks for your presentation at the AAM ‘Beyond Strategy to Purpose’ conference in Kansas City. I enjoyed hearing your perspective on partner consensus and conflict. It seems that this subject is what accounting marketers have to deal with on a continual basis. So, I appreciated the tips you shared.”
— Debbie M. Ketel, Marketing Director, Ketel Thorstenson, LLP

“As a colleague, I know Phyllis to be a creative force in her industry. Phyllis is not only a brilliant marketing strategist – she continuously reinvents herself to meet the challenges and demands of an evolving workplace. In doing so, she provides a level of expertise that encourages the organization to adjust the business model to better reflect and make the most of the attributes across all the generations. One of Phyllis’ talents is seeing patterns (everywhere, but especially) in the workplace. This talent translates into a discovery process for the firm or company who hires her and ultimately provides the benefit of improving client service and internal cohesion.”
— Flo Mauri, Principal, Thinking Well Consulting