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The Marketer’s Handbook of Tips & Checklists

“The Marketer’s Handbook of Tips and Checklists is a must read for every legal marketing professional!  Phyllis has done an excellent job of capturing and synthesizing the key areas of responsibility, focus, client service and management that marketing professionals address every day.  The very practical format of checklists,  things to do and not do, top 10 (and in some cases +1) tips and guidelines makes this an easy-to-read and solid ready reference guide. This book should be on every legal marketer’s desk!”
—  Despina Kartson, Chief Marketing Officer, Latham & Watkins LLP

“Phyllis has done a remarkable job of creating a comprehensive and user-friendly checklist of every possible approach and tactic one can use to manage and pursue marketing and sales opportunities – if you employ the strategies outlined in this book, there is little doubt that you will become a rainmaking guru.”                                              
— Pamela V. Rothenberg, Esquire, Washington D.C. Office Managing Member, Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, PLLC

“What a great book.  Those who stand out do so through a combination of passion, sincerity and strategy.  Phyllis Weiss Haserot’s excellent collection of tips and checklists helps you execute on that strategy to achieve distinction.”                                                                                                                                                                    
— Ari L. Kaplan, Esq., author, The Opportunity Maker: Strategies for Inspiring Your Legal Career Through Creative Networking and Business Development

“I was very impressed by how deceptively simple, yet incredibly informative “The Marketer’s Handbook of Tips & Checklists” is. A “how to” guide — but a really smart one that obviously was informed by many years of experience in the profession. It is exceptionally valuable and useful for both seasoned professionals as well as those new to the profession wanting to learn about approaches that have proven to achieve results. I am going to keep it handy.” 
— Bob Robertson, Director of Business Development Services, Greenberg Traurig LLP, New York

“Now more than ever before, the transition from associate to partner requires solid business development skills. Wherever you are in the process, from just getting started to fine tuning your existing strategies, The Marketer’s Handbook provides practical, easy-to-use information and gives you the tools you need to market and build your practice. It’s really a great job and very useful.”
— Jonathan Hughes, Partner and Management Committee, member Howard Rice Nemerovski Canaday Falk & Rapkin LLP

The Rainmaking Machine

“The Rainmaking Machine takes all the law firm business development and marketing concepts, successes and challenges and provides a directory of useful tools and insights.  I found the “Trendwatching” chapter to be especially right on point and look forward to our next generation of marketing and Business development ideas and implementations.”
— Jeanne Hammerstrom, Chief Marketing Officer, Benesch Friedlander Caplan & Aronoff LLP

What a POWERHOUSE book!!! Kudos to Ms. Haserot for putting all you need to know to be successful in the legal profession into 800 pages. The interpersonal skills, organizational dynamics, networking, collaboration and coaching she emphasizes are not only invaluable, they are essential for success.  This book should be required reading for all lawyers. 
— Carol A. Palmer, NY Office Administrator, Thompson Hine LLP

“Phyllis Weiss Harerot, one of the deans of legal marketing, has collected in one place the summation of her over 20 years serving lawyers and their clients.  In this 800 page book, you’ll find all you’ll need to have as a go-to-book.  Whether it’s used as a reference by the experienced marketer, or a how-to by the newly arrived, this book should find a place on the desk of many in our industry.”
— John Rumely, Manager, New York City Marketing, Nixon Peabody LLP

“Like every managing partner, I repeatedly hear lawyers say that they hate to sell, and know that this usually means they never developed the necessary skills to sell professional services.  In The Rainmaking Machine, Marketing Planning, Strategies, and Management for Law Firms 2d Edition Phyllis Weiss Hasserot   has written an indispensable guide to selling legal services. The material is simple, straightforward and filled with common sense suggestions for generating and retaining clients in the most cost effective and professional manner.   I recommend this book to every law firm managing partner and marketing director.”
— Ronald B. Grais, Partner, Jenner & Block LLP, Formerly COO  Schwartz Cooper Chartered, Chicago, Illinois.

“A comprehensive guide from internal and external marketing tips to benchmarking and client service advice.  Ms. Haserot’s book is steeped in strategies based on practical research and her experience as a law firm consultant.  Included are in-house counsel pet peeves to how individual attorneys can overcome obstacles to become expert rainmakers.  I heartily recommend this book to attorneys, marketing and professional development directors and law firm leadership.”
— Linda L. Hardenstein, MPA, Certified Coach and Director of Training & Professional Development, Washington, DC