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12/2008 “Hyper-Human Work”: What Will Knowledge Workers Do?

As I go around presenting programs on how to deal with the challenges and opportunities presented by the working relationships among four generations in the workplace, I have been asked what I think the professional services workplace will look like in five or ten years. Change is occurring so fast that it is difficult to predict with great confidence. Nonetheless, demographic, technological, social and behavioral trends that are apparent now give us some clues.

10/2006 Leaders Need Resilence

One trait thought to be essential for successful leaders today and in the future is "resilience," defined as tough-mindedness and the ability to accept criticism. .A study (released in mid-2006) of more than 2,000 employees at the managerial and professional levels by PsMax Solutions, a human capital assessment firm, provides some intriguing findings. Ranked highest of all groups was the middle-managers' resilience score. CEOs and company presidents ranked lowest in resiliency, followed by executives and professional employees.

09/2006 Business Lessons To Learn From Omar Minaya [The Mets' General Manager]

Some of you already know I am a big New York Mets fan. (In fact, I aspire to a part time job as Mr. Met, the mascot, but that's another story.)

08/2006 Don't You Think The Solution Is To Simply Bring In A Good Rainmaker?

It's no secret that many firms' marketing plans are built around one central strategy: acquire individual attorneys and groups with substantial books of business. Some law firms are looking like baseball teams full of free agents switching allegiance with ever greater frequency. Is this good for the fans or the clients?

07/2006 What Do Romance And Workplace Productivity Have In Common?

Research by a number of academics has shown that how parents and their children interact has a large influence on the child's romantic relationships and how they develop and maintain close relationships. In her Wall Street Journal column Work & Family (July 13, 2006), Sue Shellenbarger quotes W. Andrew Collins, Professor in the University of Minnesota's Institute of Child Development and the lead researcher...

05/2006 Workplace Adjustments To Concepts Of “Retirement”

How the older half of the Baby Boomers will change our concept of “retirement” is an unfolding story. Putting aside financial issues for the time being – “to earn money” is only the third ranked reason Boomers say in numerous surveys they want to keep working – they are looking most for continued intellectual stimulation and the camaraderie of colleagues in the workplace.

04/2006 Succession Planning And Transitioning: Styles

In his book, The Hero's Farewell, former Dean of the Yale School of Management, Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, classifies top executives into four categories of styles and describes their effect on their firms as they exit or relinquish leadership. The four styles are:

03/2006 Up The Up Staircase: Follow The Lead Of CPA Firms

An article titled “Up The Down Staircase: Why Do So Few Women Reach the Top of Big Law Firms?” on the front page of the New York Times Sunday Business section (March 19, 2006) caused quite a stir – far beyond New York and beyond the legal profession. Most women I know read it and, I hope, a lot of men...