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Phyllis weiss haserot
Phyllis weiss haserot

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Awards & Recognition

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We are pleased to announce:

Phyllis Weiss Haserot, president of Practice Development Counsel, has won the 2006 Edge Award for a short article, part of an ensemble piece, "Is Your Marketing Stuck Inside the Box? Break Out by Answering the Basics." It was a cover story for the March 2006 issue of Law Practice, a publication of the American Bar Association. The Edge Award is given each year to the authors of the two best articles and the one best column published that year in Law Practice.

Phyllis' article addresses this widely prevalent hot issue: "My partners think the solution to our getting more business is that we simply need to bring in a good rainmaker. Are they right?"

We are proud to announce that both The Rainmaking Machine and The Marketer’s Handbook of Checklists (West 2009 editions) have been selected among 29 books out of over 4,000 published by West (Thomson Reuters) for purchase and reading on the Kindle e-book reader from