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Our Signature Program

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For organizations that truly aspire to be “Best Places to Work”

Engaging and empowering your multigenerational workforce for greater profitability

5 Things to Know About Each Generation that Will Change How You Interact, Persuade, Recruit, Retain and Sell


Different generational attitudes inform and influence performance of multi-generational
teams and views on diversity and impact the quality of client relationships.

Our GENgagementtm program propels you beyond learning generational
differences, spotlighting their implications and actions to take--
Tips you will use every day


The Problem:  At any multigenerational organization, tensions between generations often lead to insufficient knowledge transfer, loss of team productivity, expensive personnel turnover and potential loss of sales. If your team or organization is experiencing intergenerational challenges, whether dealing with internal relationships or with clients/customers, recruits, alumni or donors, we help you:

Power up your Generational GPS to gain more business and take away:

  • 5 vital things to know about each generation that will change how you communicate, persuade, solidify client relationships and work with colleagues.  
  • An understanding of how to deal with your clients’ and colleagues’ generationally influenced attitudes, behaviors and motivations
  • Awareness of hot buttons that turn off members of each generation
  • Strategies to develop rapport with each generation
  • Relatively small and low-cost changes that will ease frictions and improve productivity and client relationships
  • Greater appreciation of all generations and how they can collaborate better

 Learning Objectives

  • Develop the skill of identifying patterns of generationally related mindsets and behaviors.
  • Learn to use effective communication approaches for getting the results you want from members of your multigenerational workforce
  • Acquire methods for coaching and training personnel to work most profitably with clients of different generations
  • Develop better rapport with clients and team members of other generations, without sacrificing your authenticity, by understanding their perspectives, worldviews, expectations, likes and dislikes, values and what is meaningful to them.


Experience a taste of our proprietary Cross-Generational Conversation Day process!
GENgagementtm involves participants using a very interactive format.
It’s guaranteed to get people thinking and talking!



  1. “Generational Wisdom Basics”
  2. “Owner’s Manual” (“How best to work with me”)
  3. Action checklist for inter-generational initiatives and next steps.

 Program variations are custom-designed for:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Professional development training for young professionals
  • Recruiting, talent development and retention
  • Information Technology professionals and knowledge transfer
  • Diversity & Inclusion  - (generational influences on all other aspects of diversity)

In follow up sessions, working with each functional division or team, we do a deep-dive to devise strategies solving specific issues that have stalled peak performance or present untapped opportunities. The sessions are scheduled at one-month, 3-month and 6-month intervals.

Learn More!

For a complimentary 20-minute consultation to see if GENgagementtm is right for your firm or organization call 212-593-1549 or email You will receive a cross-generational communication checklist and tip sheet as our gift.


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