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“Need to manage the generation gap of twenty somethings and baby boomers? Phyllis is the person to lead you across the bridge. She provides valuable insight as to why people are acting the way they do and saying the things they say. All with a positive approach that builds team rapport and fosters long term stability for the company. And she keeps delivering with a fascinating free newsletter.”  Expert, Good Value, Creative
— JoAnn Patross, BNY Mellon

I was impressed by your depth of knowledge of the several generations of people in our work force and those we serve. It is particularly beneficial to take our differences into account as the transition from Matures and Baby-Boomer leadership to Gen-X and Gen-Y leadership accelerates. I consider your presentation to be one of the best programs we have had as a Conference.
— Bill Nicholls, Past President, NC Conference of Court Administrators

“Phyllis Weiss Haserot is one of the leading experts in the area of inter-generational relations in law firms.”
— Nancy Myrland, President, Myrland Marketing, Inc., Indianopolis, IN

Personable, Expert, High Integrity
“Your presentation was well received and has already provided us with new concepts for current and future discussions.  There were so many take a ways.  I don’t believe any of us knew the importance of being able to communicate across generations and the impact that it can have (positive and/or negative) in the workplace, especially in our work with colleagues and alumni.
Please know that you opened our eyes and minds – and that the Office of Alumni Affairs will work towards finding a healthy balance re: inter-generational communications and relationships on behalf of Cornell.
I know I will look to you for more coaching…please do keep the monthly e-tips coming!”
Margaret Gallo, Director, Office of Alumni Affairs, Cornell University

“It was a joy to listen to your presentation.  I only wish it could have been an entire afternoon! I look forward to learning more from you and hope that you do get a LinkedIn platform open so that I can participate.” 
Jane C. Harrison, J.D., Director, Marketing & Client Relations, Vowell & Jennings Court Reporters & Legal Video Services, Nashville TN

“Thank you so much for speaking at our May 2009 LMA Birmingham City Group Meeting. Bridging the multi-generational divide is a hot topic. I think many firms are looking for strategies to best handle the gap between Partners and Associates. Your speech was extremely eye-opening and I believe it will lead many firms to create more diverse attorney teams in order to overcome this obstacle. We would love to have you back again in the future.”
Virginia Eady, Burr & Forman, Program Chair, Legal Marketing Association Southeastern Chapter, Birmingham City Group

“Phyllis, you were great.  It was such an interesting conversation.  I wish we had more time.  The group was really engaged.”
Nancy B. Schess, Esq.  Partner, Klein Zelman Rothermel LLP

“I attended the Gotham Women’s luncheon where Phyllis Weiss Haserot spoke about intergenerational differences. While I knew that this was Phyllis’ specialty, it was the first time I’ve really heard her speak about these differences and how they affect the workplace. She gave a very clear definition of all the buzzwords and what each category really comprises (it’s not just based on one’s birth year!). I had never considered the differences from the younger point of view, rather than from that of the more established workforce. It was a good reminder that while we hope more established and experienced workers can continue to be a source of learning to young workers, they have just as much to teach us. Thanks, Phyllis! This was terrific.”
Ellin Yassky, Ph.D, Medici Editorial Services LLC

“I just scrolled through the archived issues of your monthly e-Alert listed, determined just to skim; but this is such great stuff that I’ve been reading and printing madly, soaking it all up like a thirsty sponge. Many, many thanks for sharing your research and conclusions — and for making it all so use-able!  I was thrilled when I was invited to attend Right Management’s “generations” program, and your brilliant observations and suggestions for next steps keep coming. Thank you, Phyllis! 
I look forward to reading any information your e-Alert makes available and I’m deeply grateful for all the gems you send.”
Sheila Schimmel, HR Director, Newton, MA 

“I find your work fascinating and a relief!  It helps me make sense of my dis-ease with some of my younger colleagues.”
Carol S. Coonrod, The Hunger Project

“Phyllis has spent a great deal of energy, time, and thought-leadership on generational issues and at this point, in my opinion, is an expert.”
Silvia L. Coulter, Vice President, Client Development and Growth Practice, Hildebrandt International

“Your excellent presentation today for the ALA generated good round table discussions at our office during your presentation. We certainly could relate to most of the issues you discussed. I think it helped the Shareholders understand the associates a little better. I think you’re right though, they’re not retiring at age 65, so we better figure out how to all get along.”
Jennifer Thiele, Administrator, Gross & Welch, P.C., L.L.O.,Omaha, NE

“Phyllis Weiss Haserot presented a fascinating topic -: “Generational Wisdom.” She showed a really deep understanding of the qualities of and differences between each generation. Generational differences often exist in companies, especially between senior management and younger employees and it is in these circumstances where Phyllis’s know-how comes into play.  We all need to relate to each other and having these basic understandings that Phyllis brought to us helped open my eyes.”
Josette Dewey, Sheffield Media Group

“I enjoyed your webcast on bridging intergenerational differences. Thanks for being such a great leader and educator on this topic.”
Lisa Horowitz, Esq., Senior Manager of Professional Development, Major International law firm

“I just read your current tips and couldn’t agree more…I find your tips invaluable, informative and relevant and necessary in order to keep the dialogue going with the younger generations. Thanks for the wonderful enlightenment.”
Flo Diamond, Owner, Refined Finds

“Again, insightful! I don’t think I would have ever recognized the impact age plays in strategy execution until you brought it up. Of course, I feel it, but you’ve given it substantive clarity. Thanks!”
Al Berrios, Managing Director, Management and Behavioral Economics Consulting firm

“Wow, this is brilliant, Phyllis. Thank you!”
Jezra Kay, Communiate with Power and Ease

Phyllis has combined her many abilities to follow her passion and broach the chasm of generational workplace divide to build a bridge across it. Her extensive work in generational relations has led her to write a book (in progress) on “Cross-Generational Conversation.” If your organization is experiencing any kind of generational divide, Phyllis is the expert to call.”
Flo Mauri, Principal, Thinking Well Consulting

“Your e-alerts are very impressive, and I think they will be very helpful to me transitioning into a new phase of my life and career. What you provide is informative and moral boosting.”
Olga Vezeris, Book Editor and Agent

“As usual, Phyllis you are ahead of the curve. Thanks for the Gen Y materials.”
Margie Turner, Turner & Associates, Buffalo, New York

“I love being on your list…I think about you and the mission of your organization when I go to work, as my company (about 350 employees spread over three locations) is highly diverse and very liberal. We range in age from 21 to 92, all sizes, shapes and colors.
Judy Walter, Director, Human Resources, Share Group Inc.