Phyllis weiss haserot
Phyllis weiss haserot

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“Your tips are right on the mark for me. I only wish I knew half this stuff upon starting out my career.”
— Gwen Onatolu, Management Resource Services, Inc., Chicago

“Phyllis, thank you for your insights this morning. I just met with two members of the Advisory Committee. I was able to ask some of my most burning questions, and provide them with insight that I had gained from our discussions and from my own analysis of the issue. Our time working on that issue was well spent…
…As always, I thought our session yesterday was very invigorating and fruitful. These ideas may seem simple and perfectly obvious to you, but I had not really focused on them before. Hearing them from you gave them validation… I thoroughly enjoyed our meeting last week. Your help has been so valuable for me this year. Thank you again for your input. You gave me the confidence to assume the management role that I should have been filling all along.”
— Mary Jane Augustine, Partner, 400 lawyer firm, New York – now a practice leader

“Your teleconference was both enjoyable and instructive, exactly what such events are supposed to be, but rarely are. I want, especially, to congratulate you on a number of points:
1. The preparatory materials you forwarded prior to the teleconference enabled all of us to prepare for the meeting and “to hit the ground running;”
2. Your “BUILD YOUR INFLUENCE QUOTIENT (IQ)” presentation is terrific. Clear and concise.
3. And, most important, you yourself are the best trainer/coach I have met. Supportive, insightful, devoid of empty platitudes and “psycho-babble,” you offered specific suggestions in response to the specific questions which people asked, and your responses were particularly relevant to the venues in which they work.
As a management consultant, my “influence quotient” must be high, and I found the teleconference to be extraordinarily helpful and productive.”
— Donald Cecchi, Management Consultant

“Thanks for the great seminar yesterday. The more I’m reminded of my personality traits, the better person I become. I like the test you administered, and I enjoyed my discussion group. I thought the format was effective and the summaries were concise and straight-forward.”
— Natasha Kohne, Akin Gump Strauss Hauer Feld LLP

“Phyllis’ perspective on influencing individuals was thorough and “eye opening”. Also helped me do some self-reflection.”
— Elizabeth Butcher, Robinson & Cole LLP

“Phyllis’ coaching advice is well delivered and valuable. She has a way of getting to the heart of the matter without being intimidating. She is a very gently effective teacher.”
— Melinda Guillemette, Former President, Association for Accounting Marketing,

“…your ideas work anywhere… thank you for common sense, dignity and some measure of sanity in the workplace.”
— Barbara Guillette

“As you were talking I was imaging preparing and presenting my proposal, so it was quite helpful. I was thinking about how to be a better lobbyist. I now have some new ideas about getting people ready; preparing them for what I’m about to propose
You were clear and had an organized approach. You asked engaging questions and got people to participate. It was well-delivered and I loved your slides. They were great.!”
— Flo Mauri, Thinking Well Consulting

“Another great class. Thanks.”
— Stephanie Chau, Salomon Brothers Asset Management

“You were well prepared and I appreciated the notes beforehand Everything was covered in the course description. You are well versed and comfortable in your subject matter as well as experientially versed easily sharing experiences.”
— Janet Spittler, Ceramic Artist, Life Coach

“This is the first time I have attended one of these sessions and I found it very helpful.”.
— Michelle Johnson, Executive Director, Howard Rice Nemerovski Canaday Falk & Rapkin LLP (Formerly at Thelen Reid & Priest LLP)