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10 Steps ROI

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  1. Develop a Standard Criteria and Process for Selecting Coaches.
  2. Develop Service Level Expectations.
  3. Make sure the coaching client is involved in selecting his or her own coach.
  4. Link Business and Development Goals to the Coaching Engagement.
  5. Involve the Coaching Client's Direct Manager.
  6. Provide Additional Support – Supply the coaching client with a mentor or similar support.
  7. Assign a person in the Organization to Manage the Coaching Process.
  8. Develop Measurable Goals.
  9. Develop Coaching Plans.
  10. Measure the Impact of the Coaching.

It's often hard to actually measure, quantitatively, the impact of coaching. There are often many variables going on in the business at the same time. Some measurements might include employee satisfaction, turnover rates, process times, increased sales, etc. as well as measuring qualitative data such as how the individual felt about the coaching, did they achieve the objectives, what value does the coaching client put on the coaching experience, to name a few.

Source; Excerpted from, “Today's Coach” newsletter of Coachville Schools of Coaching. List compiled by Bill Burtch, corporate coach