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Inter-Generational Relations: What Are Your Hot Spots?

Inter-generational issues have always been a concern but never before as challenging in the workplace as now. How many of these are disturbing your sleep?

  • Transferring responsibilities from one generation to another
  • Difficulty in communications between older and younger generations
  • Less than optimum respect and tolerance between older and younger generations because of differences in work and life objectives
  • Senior professionals and executives who won't let go and have too much of their identity tied up in their positions and their work
  • People who would be willing to transition clients to younger people but would be penalized by the compensation system
  • Difficulty making room for younger people to move up because the senior ones want to stay and continue to be productive
  • How to minimize defections to other firms due to lack of opportunities based on inter-generational issues
  • Structured vs. freelance mentalities
  • "Entitlement" mentality vs. "You need to pay your dues"
  • Professional development and mentoring programs not succeeding because of unwillingness and lack of incentive to spend the time
  • Clients who want to work with partners younger than the current lead client partner
  • Older professionals reporting to younger practice leaders
  • Stigmas around granting flexible working arrangements, especially if only granted to "accommodate" parents with young children

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