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Influence And The Value Of Conflict

Morris Shechtman, author of Fifth Wave Leadership: The Internal Frontier (Facts on Demand Press, 2003) makes interesting observations about today's workplace. Many of them are not significantly new. However, his ideas on conflict are provocative, and he reminds us that success requires that we look inside ourselves for solutions.

Here are some of his thought-provoking observations.

• Teamwork is a result of conflict and confrontation, not consensus and agreement.

• Nothing will lower your credibility faster than avoiding conflict.

• The easier you are to read, the better you are able to lead.

• Risking early has the greatest likelihood of creating quick credibility.

• No emotion will push your success more than anger. Harnessing your anger gives you the ability to act in your own behalf.

• Disappointment is the catalyst for the next stage of growth.

• In a survival organization, disappointment is cataclysmic. In a growth organization, disappointment is a new beginning.

• The pain and discomfort of change are nothing compared to the alternative.

• On reaching adulthood, you lose the right to keep waiting for someone to change your life.

• Speaking the unspoken truth - making the covert overt - can be liberating.

• Personal transformations produce extraordinary influence and attraction.

Risk-averse individuals may find some of these statements uncomfortable. They should read them again and consider that progress, change, reputation-building, and major success does not come without risk and the ability to appreciate and deal with conflict. How you do that depends on your personal style.

Do you know about your own behavioral style? Your conflict resolution style? Your leadership style? How to fulfill your expectations in the workplace?

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