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A Next Generation Leadership Academy

Professional firms are experiencing a disconnect: From an economic perspective, times are fairly good. But the pressure is unending for more people, more hours, more clients – and it is no secret that, in most firms, discontent is building. Retention of talented professionals is always a serious issue. Competition for their services and attention comes not only from other professional service firms but also from the professionals' own life and work objectives.

Firms need to develop a cadre of leaders from the young partner and manager ranks who can help re-orient thinking about the workplace environment. The purpose is to build more personal satisfaction in order to retain talented professionals and to increase client satisfaction while assuring a profitable economic enterprise. That is the mission of AuthenticWorks™ – for the Next Generation.


  • Retention of valuable people is a cultural imperative for any successful firm.
  • Successful firms in the new millennium need to inculcate stronger common values, respect for and reward for teamwork, innovation, internal conflict resolution and consensus-building, and allow for more self-expression and creativity.
  • There is an acute and growing need for more right-brain thinking in firms.


We are looking for a few select firms who resonate with our mission and values and are committed to being “the workplace of choice.” These firms recognize the value of their people. They recognize the direct connection that training and treating people well has to productivity, longevity and loyalty of clients as well as professionals and staff. These firms recognize that throwing money at issues of satisfaction, motivation and loyalty are a small part of the answer at most. And they respect the younger generations in their firms.

To those firms, here is what we offer in order to translate your commitment to “becoming the workplace of choice” into a reality.

AuthenticWorks™ is the nexus among marketing, recruiting, retention, productivity, satisfaction and life balance in the workplace.


We divide our focus between the hard and soft skills: the “Left Brain” activity skills which firms are accustomed to, as well as the “Right Brain” activity skills which foster creativity and emotional intelligence. The latter are far too neglected in most professional firms.

We select with you an appropriate collection of courses from among the following:

“Left Brain” Focused

Business development
Preparing New Partners
Economics of a professional firm
Use of the Internet and technology
Client relationship management
Basics of strategic planning
Ancillary business activities
Strategic alliances
Community participation and non-profit boards
Management trends from the corporate world
Devising rewards systems that really support desired objectives

“Right Brain” Focused

Personal presentation (including image, attitude, presentation skills)
Listening and giving effective feedback
Workplace conflict resolution
Collaborative culture
Generational issues; Inter-generational relations
Work/life balance issues
Facilitator training
Creative thinking and creative roles professionals can play
Trust as a business strategy
Conducive working environments
Learning to respect emotions in business
Team building

Personal Growth:

Opportunities for personal expression
Learn to use the positive aspects of your personal power
Defining success

Phyllis Weiss Haserot
President & Founder

AuthenticWorks   Division of Practice Development Counsel

Phyllis Weiss Haserot is the President and founder of  PRACTICE DEVELOPMENT COUNSEL, a New York-based business development and organizational effectiveness consulting and coaching firm serving law and other professional service firms. She works with firms on strategic marketing planning, client relationship building, training and coaching, collaborative culture, workplace conflict resolution and consensus-building. Phyllis is the author of THE RAINMAKING MACHINE: (West Group). Her mission, under the banner of AuthenticWorks™, is to help restructure the workplace so it works better for people.


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