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10 Ways To Show That Associates Are Valued

  1. Give thoughtful, frequent feedback on performance.
  2. Listen and assure effective, two-way communication.
  3. Create a sense of “community,” ease of personal relationships in the firm, opportunities for socializing.
  4. Provide continual opportunities to learn. Encourage time spent in training.
  5. Give challenging assignments, and don't micro-manage. Take their efforts seriously, and give prompt feedback.
  6. Don't require “face time.” Let them juggle and do their work in their own way – as long as it is done well and promptly.
  7. Show interest in and respect for their life objectives and work/life balance needs. Support their quality of life initiatives.
  8. Minimize wasted energy on office politics.
  9. Support their efforts to network and generate business.
  10. Give financial and non-financial recognition based on merit – of results and genuine effort.

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