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What Young Professional Talent Wants

Workplace culture is changing as the younger generations gather strength in numbers. Now that the supply and demand balance has shifted somewhat in favor of the employer with slowing of the economy, the undue sense of “entitlement” has lessened. The 10 items below are what young professionals want and need to develop to their potential – and they make sense. A workplace culture imbued with these attributes will benefit everybody.

  • Defined values and culture they can relate to
  • Career development and ongoing training/mentoring
  • Career fulfillment – intellectual challenge, recognition, growth
  • A feeling they add value and make a difference
  • Active “management of the talent” – providing leadership, feedback
  • Team spirit, collaboration
  • Fun – camaraderie, appreciation, praise
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Great facilities – comfortable, attractive, stimulating environment

    and of course,

  • Compensation