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Definitions for Alternative Working Relationships

Outsourcing has become a big business trend in the U.S. as well as a political football when it refers to jobs sent overseas. It is the most common, but only one of the non-traditional working relationships found in today's workplace. Each of the four types below are likely to grow in an era when technology enables great flexibility and when people of usual retirement age are pursued to fill needs in the workforce. The four types are defined as follows:

Outsourcing - Distributing work to outside contractors

Insourcing - Work done inside the organization's workplace, in a seamless environment, by an outside company. Companies are able to reduce their payroll, and increase accountability while keeping functions together in one work place.

Flexsourcing - Temporary employees brought to an employer when they are needed to provide a flexible workforce, responsive to changing needs. Some are employees of, or on contract with, staffing companies; some have their own direct relationships with employers.

Resourcing - People work for an organization on a contract basis as outside resources. They are self-employed and invoice the company for their services. Duties are performed on a long-term or short-term basis.