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Conquer The Obstacles To Better Business Development Results

Having the marketing tools and understanding the tactics doesn’t guarantee superior or required business development results. For most people there is a greater challenge that is not covered in most books on marketing. There are individual blocks or resistance factors which impede the desired outcomes. These may be accompanied by or be compounded by institutional factors which discourage or pose serious obstacles to the behaviors, activities and teamwork that ensure a well-oiled “rainmaking machine.”

Here is a checklist of 11 individual and institutional factors that get in the way of better business development results.

Personal Obstacles

1. Ego - such as “People should recognize my worth and flock to me without my having to tell them why.”

2. Attitudes, values and beliefs -such as “We are professionals, and they don’t sell.”

3. Asking is begging

4. “Everyone sees and interprets things the way I do.”

5. Personal style

6. Generational beliefs

7. Giving up too soon

8. Not understanding or trying to understand what a client wants

Institutional Obstacles

1. Economic disincentives

2. Internal politics

3. Supervisors’ insecurities and bad habits


Be aware of the above obstacles and resistance factors, identify which are the culprits, and make a concerted effort to replace limiting factors with new, constructive habits. Here are

7 guidelines and steps to follow in addition.

* Identify strengths and build action plans around them.

* Have an indestructible focus on what you want to achieve.

* Build a team of supporters, mentors, role models and energizers.

* Train clients to give referrals.

* Put yourself in the path of luck.

* Commit to putting in the effort and follow through.

* Reward and celebrate

Conquering those obstacles not only produces greater success, but also it is liberating!

The outline above was extracted from more detailed information in one of the 2006 Supplement chapters (Chapter 54) of my book, THE RAINMAKING MACHINE, published by Thomson/West. For information on the book, see

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