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02/2007 Five Habits To Start Early

Objective: To start young professionals off with good habits for later rainmaking before they are totally absorbed by billing only.

08/2006 Don’t You Think the Solution is To Simply Bring in a Good Rainmaker?

It's no secret that many firms' marketing plans are built around one central strategy: acquire individual attorneys and groups with substantial books of business.

02/2006 Conquer The Obstacles To Better Business Development Results

Having the marketing tools and understanding the tactics doesn’t guarantee superior or required business development results. For most people there is a greater challenge that is not covered in most books on marketing. There are individual blocks or resistance factors which impede the desired outcomes. These may be accompanied by or be compounded by institutional factors which discourage or pose serious obstacles to the behaviors, activities and teamwork that ensure a well-oiled “rainmaking machine.”

09/2005 ROI From Coaching

Resulting benefits for companies...

08/2005 12 Tips That Young Lawyers Might Get from a Coach

Take some time (regardless of billing pressures) to get out of the office and make new contacts Keep in touch with your classmates and other contacts. Otherwise, when you are coming up for partner or principal and are expected to show potential for generating business, you won’t know anyone!

09/2004 Growth By Lateral Acquisitions: Complications And Pitfalls

In their eagerness to add experienced professionals, organizations need to pay greater attention to how they integrate new individuals and groups. The decision to add is usually much simpler than the integration process.

12/2002 Coaching the Coach to Boost Business Development Results

From its origins in sports, coaching is now all the rage in the business world. Executive coaches are springing up all over. There is a Coach U on the Internet for training coaches.

02/2001 Internal Marketing Often Overlooked: Improve Communication To Increase Success

Lawyers tend to underestimate and neglect the value of internal marketing to their own success and the overall success of their firm. Some forget about it; others feel uncomfortable with what they perceive as "boasting" about themselves. Still others think it should be up to their colleagues to find out what they have done and what they can do. Waiting for someone else to make the first move may be a long wait in many firms.