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E-Tips: Multi-Generational Solutions Archives

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10/2008 Raising the “Entitlement” Bar

Given the current economic crisis, more perks seem a luxury and more than ever can set up expectations divorced from reality. Is the development described below a positive or negative in the overall scheme of things?

09/2008 Case Study for Resolving Inter-Generational Team Issues

A client team was composed of a Generation X partner-level leader, a Baby Boomer partner-level manager, and younger Gen X and Gen Y associates/staff. In essence an older manager was reporting to a younger leader with less experience. There were some obvious and underlying tensions that got in the way of producing “better and faster.”

08/2008 Age Diversity Circa 1962: The Work World Boomers Were about to Enter

Nostalgia on TV for the workplace Baby Boomers would be entering in a few years? See the Traditionalists in action!

The hit and multi-award-winning TV show "Mad Men" (for Madison Avenue) had its first episode of its second season on July 27th. A key plot line was that a major client was insisting that the advertising agency hire young people (at the time “people” meant pretty much “men”) for an infusion of new ideas.

07/2008 What Merits Generation X and Y’s Respect for Authority?

Many of you know I am a baseball fan, and I usually get a lot of comments on the e-Tips I do with sports examples. Here's another one.

06/2008 How Dramatically Will Gen Y Change the Workplace?

We will be debating for some time whether it's life-changing determination, a clear-eyed vision, naiveté, or the arrogance of youth: A significant number of Gen Yers are convinced they will dramatically change the world of work.

05/2008 Caught in the Middle: Working It Out for Generation X

We and other advisers and commentators have devoted much attention to the “big” generations – Generation Y/Millennials and the Baby Boomers. It is hard to ignore roughly 80 million people in each of those generations with strong voices and financial clout (current and potentially). Caught in the middle, and often feeling neglected, is the much smaller Generation X cohort of about 44 million people (U.S.).

04/2008 Reinvention of the Work Lifecycle: Flex in the Middle

Sometimes the controversial makes a lot of sense. A post a few weeks ago on the Employee Evolution blog, The New Work-Life Balance, by Ryan Healy, a 23 year old relatively newly minted entrepreneur, examines the typical career and work intensity progression and concludes the system seems “a little backwards.”

03/2008 The Generations' Differing Attitudes Toward Money

Do the generations in the workplace have different attitudes toward money? And does their relationship to money color their perceived work ethic and alleged sense of entitlement? Where do these differing attitudes come from?