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E-Tips: Multi-Generational Solutions Archives

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02/2008 Attitudes on Professionalism Affect Firm Productivity and Image

While the structure of many established organizations hasn't changed much since the Baby Boomers and younger members of the Traditionalist generation (born, say, after 1937) entered the workplace, it is fair to say that attitudes on work ethic and what is “appropriate” have shifted back and forth along a spectrum.

01/2008 Boomers and Gen Y: Can We Achieve Mutual Admiration?

All the generations want more respect from the others. Below are things I think are under-appreciated. Recognizing them can help to build bridges.

12/2007 Addressing Aging Partner Issues and the Demographic Perfect Storm

I've been shining the spotlight on the younger generations in recent e-tips, so let's give equal time to older partners and executives. Their extended careers and time in the workplace are much in the news these days. A pertinent example is Grey Matters by Elizabeth Goldberg in the December issue of The American Lawyer and its electronic version on, Law Firms Face Gray Area as Boomers Age.

11/2007 Trends We’d Like to See More Of – from The Rainmaking Machine

From the new edition of my book, THE RAINMAKING MACHINE (Thomson/West LegalWorks 2007 –, here is an excerpt from the “Trendwatching” chapter as this month's e-tip.

10/2007 Lessons For Business To Be Learned From The Young Generations' Approach To Philanthropy

“A New Generation Reinvents Philanthropy” headlines a Wall Street Journal article (August 21, 2007). Since I am continually reinventing, I am always interested to see what others are reinventing. I have also been following the philanthropic and legacy efforts of Generations X and Y and recently attended a very interesting session at the Foundation Center in New York focusing on ways to engage the younger generations in philanthropy.

09/2007 Trendwatching 2007 - from “The Rainmaking Machine”

Since the new edition of my book, THE RAINMAKING MACHINE (West Legalworks) has just come out, I am offering a taste using an excerpt from the “Trendwatching” chapter as this month's e-tip.

08/2007 Blurring And Integrating Learning, Work And Socializing

Here are two trends that suggest that the work-life “balance” that most people say they desire, rather than separating the two spheres, is likely to become more a matter of integrating work and life flexibly in search of “doing it all” and greater sense of community.

07/2007 Echo Boomers In More Than Name Only

The Baby Boomer-Generation Y (aka Echo Boomers) similarities, differences and interactions are fascinating and, for some people, exasperating. Joanne B. Ciulla, professor of leadership and ethics at the University of Richmond and author of The Working Life: The Promise and Betrayal of Modern Work, wrote an article for the New York Times "Preoccupations" column that grabbed me. Titled "The Work Ethic, in a Modern Guise" (July 1, 2007) and describing her observations of Generation Y students, it points to the attitudes that can translate into shortcomings in the work world. It also conveys an optimism that they will in time prove worthy of running the world.