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08/2008 Helicopter Parents on the Job

Some call their parents from the office five times a day. Some receive a bad review and quit their jobs, moving back home on their parents' urging. Others rely on their parents to weigh salary or compensation packages while some have seen a parent stomp into the workplace to rebut a bad review or boss's criticism.

01/2008 Succession Planning: Breaking Down Silos, Ending Resistance, Avoiding Disruption

Given the potential loss of clients if a key firm contact leaves, uncertain and poor economic times make the need for succession planning even more urgent. The situation is magnified when prospective successors are not fully prepared to step in. Next-generation partners lacking business generation and client relations skills leave a firm on shaky ground.

08/2007 10 Ways To Show That Associates Are Valued

  1. Give thoughtful, frequent feedback on performance.
  2. Listen and assure effective, two-way communication...

12/2006 Age Diversity: The Next Hot Talent Employment and Diversity Issue

The challenge of embracing age diversity is building up to be the talent employment issue of the next five years and beyond. With the pressure for "more, better, faster" with more money at stake and...

10/2006 10 Issues Of Aging Partners, Ageisim, And Discrimination

  • A large cohort of baby boomers is approaching traditional retirement age.
  • Some firms/organizations have mandatory retirement age requirements. They can be strict, flexible, observed or not; leading to special circumstances and favoritism claims.

09/2006 Business Lessons To Learn From Omar Minaya [The Mets' General Manager]

Some of you already know I am a big New York Mets fan. (In fact, I aspire to a part time job as Mr. Met, the mascot, but that's another story.)

06/2006 Mutual Mentoring Across The Generations

There has been a spate of articles on young adults' (Generation Y and youngest Generation X) travel lately. The themes have been on the young travelers' resistance to settling down and getting started with serious careers, their spirit of adventure, and the benefits of travel to careers (as I have written previously).


05/2006 5 Big Workplace Inter-Generational Relations Blunders

Firms are struggling with the generational divides because they make these blunders:

* Assuming that people of other generations have the same work life goals and objectives as you do.

While the generations share the desire for meaningful, stimulating work and opportunities for growth, the younger generations are very serious about having a life outside work and searching for "balance." Their dual-centricity can benefit a firm, but managers need to be open to reinvention of traditional work structures and rewards.