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06/2002 Flexibility For Senior Professionals

Most of the focus on flexible work arrangements in organizations has been on the younger and mid-level professionals and those with children at home. However, increasingly, the large baby-boomer generation and the "veteran" generation before them desire to ease off while still staying connected to meaningful work for either psychic gratification or economic reasons.

08/2001 Resolving Intergenerational Tensions In The Workplace

Amidst a swirl of divergent forces, firms are being challenged as never before at their core management strategies, operations and human resource philosophies levels. With slings and arrows launched both externally and internally, the next few years will be telling to the future composition of the profession. Since law (and accounting, consulting, etc,) are service businesses with the "product" or service provided being primarily people and their knowledge and judgment, the people and how they are treated will determine the outcome - who survives, who thrives, what organizations look like.

04/2001 Achieving Inter-Generational Harmony

"People have different goals at different stages of their life cycles," Pitney Bowes Vice President and Chief Personnel Officer Joanna Torsone said. "We examine how people view work, how they want to work, how they maximize that work, and we try to help people understand the differences."

12/1999 A Next Generation Leadership Academy

Professional firms are experiencing a disconnect: From an economic perspective, times are fairly good. But the pressure is unending for more people, more hours, more clients – and it is no secret that, in most firms, discontent is building. Retention of talented professionals is always a serious issue. Competition for their services and attention comes not only from other professional service firms but also from the professionals' own life and work objectives.