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10/2001 Who Stole My Synergy?

"Synergy" itself – the human factors, cooperative attitudes, and actions which actually produce desired benefits – are too often ignored or given scant attention

10/2001 Part-Time Attorney Schedules Rarely Used By Partners, Associates

Offices allowing  part-time schedules in 2001 95.9%
Offices allowing part-time schedules in 2000 94.5%

09/2001 Survey: Young Professionals Have High Ambitions For Work/Life Excellence

A survey, conducted last year at the Ernst & Young International Intern Leadership Conference, showed that 50% rate flexibility in planning a career around major life events as the most important element in a happy existence.

05/2001 Definition Of Success Varies

The following are considered to be indications of success in the workplace:

Being trusted to get a job done —— (91%)

08/2000 Assuring That Your Retreat Moves Forward

The fall law firm retreat season will soon be upon us. Firm's should be planning now to get the most out of the opportunity for intense, focused discussion and collaborative thinking as well as valuable informal camaraderie and trust-building. Retreats are a valuable investment with potentially large pay-offs if firms are careful to anticipate and to avoid the pitfalls that can derail the best intentions.

07/2000 Going From a "Keeper" To a "Finder and Minder" Culture

In theory, the above steps are clear and straightforward, but in almost every organization, there are unwritten rules that get in the way. Unwritten rules have been defined as "sensible ways to act" given written rules and management behavior.

03/2000 Making "The Freelance Mentality" Work For Your Firm

What we've noted for years about baseball and other sports is now true of the workplace: the prevalence of the "freelance mentality." When we were very young, our sports heros, our favorites, and our "enemies" tended to stay playing side by side for years. We cheered essentially the same teams for years, shared their victories and heartbreaks, lived their ups and downs.

03/1999 What New Partners Need To Know

Partnership in a law firm, until recent years, was the clear and unquestioned goal of almost all lawyers who entered non-solo private practice. Now life is much more complicated, in-house positions in corporations have become equally or more attractive, and more and more attorneys are questioning the culture and strains of law firm life as the optimum place to spend their most productive years.