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06/1998 The Ultimate 'Partnership Culture'

More and more, law departments and law firms profess to seek "partnering" relationships. Whatever that term might mean in each context, and the precise qualities it might exhibit in each relationship, it certainly should include significant elements of communication and collaboration.

01/1997 Creating the Environment for Laterals to Thrive

The law firm recruiting world certainly has changed! Now approximately 40 percent of partners come to firms as lateral hires. In 1983, when I conducted a survey of lateral hiring for Martindale-Hubbell, there were virtually no partner laterals, most firms resisted admitting they were recruiting lateral associates, and in truth, most of them did not hire even associates, that way.

10/1995 Outdoor/Indoor Organisational Development Training

Building a Bridge

To quote management consultant David Maister: "To create a great firm, the managerial challenge is not just to reward performance where it manifests itself, but to run a system that causes performance to improve. ... to function effectively, professionals in a firm need a shared level of intensity ... many firms operate as if performance is the individual's responsibility and no one else's."

03/1990 Sports Team Models For Law Firm Management

Corporate structures have long been likened to military organizations, though this is the less popular style today. In attempts to increase productivity, morale and loyalty, corporate managers and analysts of corporate management have looked to sports models for fresh ideas which go deeper than the cliched sports metaphors.