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04/2022 How Psychological Safety Ups the Ante on Conversation and Engagement

In most companies/organizations, psychological safety is a new concept they are not yet focusing on. But it’s crucial because it is at the root of employee engagement, and indeed, instrumental in effective teamwork and innovation.


04/2022 Caution: Look Before Leaping into Psychological Safety

As much as psychological safety is necessary for lasting employee engagement and sustainable diversity, equity, inclusion (DEI), there has often been reluctance on a policy or core values level to integrating it institutionally. We explore here why, and what management and individuals can do.


03/2022 12 Leadership Lessons I gleaned for Individuals from Madeline Albright

Joining the parade of tributes to an outstanding diplomat from a complex background who was a standout in so many ways, I offer up these tips to aspiring legacy-makers from reviewing her accomplishments.

02/2022 War in Ukraine and Young Generations: Cross-Generational Conversation to Cope

We watched a war begin horrifyingly in real time - the shocking news of the Russian invasion of Ukraine took over the news and brought to my mind the enormous impact that war could potentially have on the youngest generations. I explore my thoughts here.

01/2022 Curiosity: How to Grow the Skill of Asking Good Questions

I have long maintained that you can’t be a proficient networker or business developer without a strong sense of curiosity, especially about people.And that requires knowing how to ask good open-ended questions. Read on for tips.

12/2021 MY 2021-22 HOLIDAY WISH

11/2021 Let’s Resolve to Make the Spirit of Thanksgiving Reverberate!

No doubt we are still in quite a different time and place from pre-pandemic this year!  But in many ways, we are living “a big experiment. Nevertheless, with intention, we can make the spirit of Thanksgiving reverberate!Join me in keeping the good feelings of a healthy and meaningful, and yes, happy Thanksgiving Day.

10/2021 What will you be remembered for? Create & Achieve Your #LegacyAtWork

Why do people need a work legacy? We hear a lot about the desire for purpose, meaningful work, fulfillment, motivation, to be their best, confidence, relevance, achieve their ambition or passion, continuing to grow, and connection to other people. Having a work legacy is linked to all these things. Perhaps it would be useful to articulate to you my own legacy at work vision to encourage you along your work legacy journey.