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08/2018 Gen Zers Show Us the Path to Constructive, Committed Conversation

A few years ago, Gen Zers were being likened in some respects to Traditionalists, also called by some the Silent Generation. Not anymore! This change in behavior and perceptions serves to confirm that generations are more accurately defined by the formative influences during formative stages of life than Census Bureau somewhat arbitrary choice of birth years.

Read how Gen Zers along the political spectrum are contributing and what employers and politicians need to pay attention to.

04/2018 Kaleidoscope #Mentoring: Mentoring from a #CrossGenerational #Perspective

“What goes around comes around,” meaning if you are a giver, you will also receive. Mentoring should be a virtuous circle, and not necessarily only formal pairings. See what I recommend instead and how to get started.

03/2018 The Conversation Skill Unites The #Multigenerational Workplace

Humans are blessed with speech and conversation. With all our technical advances, it seems many of us are letting our ability to constructively converse shrivel. We need to strengthen our conversation muscles and use them to achieve what we want for ourselves, our careers, and our organizations, and to share knowledge.

This article is comprised of excerpts from the book “You Can’t Google It!” by Phyllis Weiss Haserot: Chapter 6-Conversation (Morgan James Publishing, 2018)

02/2018 Get Prepared for Gen Z and an AI World

For years there’s been much agitating about the Gen Y/Millennial conundrum.  In a fast-changing world, those of us who are naturally future oriented see a looming change happening with Gen Z arriving – who are not Millennial types at all – requiring considerable employer adjustments. This month’s e-Tip relates some things to cheer about the Gen Z teenagers to early/mid-20s cohort and some issues of concern requiring serious rethinking.


01/2018 Do You Feel The Earth Shaking Yet?

Employers are likely to be happier with Gen Z workers than Millennials, generalized as a group. Serious problem-solvers, (though unfortunately even more stressed) a look at reported Gen Z behaviors, formative influences including parenting, and recent surveys tracking how they are trending should serve as an alert to employers

12/2017 Alternatives to Office Parties Can Break Down Silos and Social Anxiety

The trend away from holiday parties, beyond resulting in behavior change, could also be providing opportunities for bonding of colleagues in more desired and constructive ways and even lead to more effective business development year round. Read on for some ideas on activities and benefits.

11/2017 The Power of Purpose Through a Generational Lens

We are witnessing a convergence of phenomena and trends that are bringing greater focus to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and a variety of more active players both seeking and accepting moral leadership in a variety of areas. While the Millennial and Gen Z interest and demand has been influential, people of all generational cohorts are responsible for this change.

10/2017 Millennial Value Rising Across Generations

Head-scratching and hair-pulling-out continue in some quarters, still Gen Y/Millennials are getting more good press recently – and well deserved. This article covers recent and growing trends--things to looks for, appreciate and consider adapting.