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05/2024 Blog #3 of Why We Can’t Talk WITH Each Other Series– TRUST DEFICIT, LOYALTY, SAFETY, RESPECT

Having crucial and hard conversations requires at least a basic level of thrust. Trustworthiness is the most sought-after trait in leaders according to recent surveys. So why is it declining? And how can it be established or rebuilt? What is the connection with loyalty and safety? READ ON.


05/2024 Trust and Trustworthiness - Part II -- What Is the Connection between Trust and Loyalty?

Trust has largely gone missing, and a lot of people, though they have lost trust in institutions and many of the people they work with, are not happy about it.

Keep reading for some ideas on how to restore trust as a trustworthy leader, manager or colleague below.


04/2024 Meaningful Conversation Requires Being Honest with Ourselves First Ready, Willing and Able

In the first article in this series, I spent a good deal of space explaining the context with a dramatized example of the difficulty people have talking with – not to or at– each other. Just focusing on the obvious symptoms won’t provide the necessary deeper mind and behavior changes that identifying and dealing with the root causes can bring. READ ON for some questions to get at the root causes.

04/2024 Why Can’t We talk with Each Other? NOT To Each Other – NOT At Each Other?

Both the current degree of societal divisiveness and awkwardness since pandemic times have raised my level of urgency for speaking out and writing about this dilemma. I was recently sparked by a fascinating play I saw called “American Rot” in New York at La Mama. After viewing it, I remarked that the play portrays how people of many differences cannot talk civilly or at all with each other anymore. I was asked why that is. This is the first of a series I am writing to attempt to answer and change the conversation.


01/2024 Can We Live in a World without Trust? Part I

Trust has gone missing, seemingly in every sector, everywhere.

The Harris Poll and U.S. News & World Report found a majority of respondents said the most sought-after trait in leaders is trustworthiness (including: honesty, transparency, reliability, ethics, respect) despite political and demographic differences. Read On for details about the challenges with some ominous stats.

12/2023 The Secrets to Relevance at Work – at Any Age - Part Two

Continuing the discussion on how to stay relevant in all your roles and relationships at work, we dive in here to action steps and everyday behaviors.

11/2023 The Secrets to Relevance at Work – at Any Age

Just about all of us are very concerned about being and staying “relevant” to others in our life and work. A brief summary of my recommended strategies and action steps appears listed below.

10/2023 How to Fix Broken Work, Starting Now

If work as we know it is broken, as a large part of the talentforce seems to believe, how do we fix it? In the majority of organizations, the relationship between employer and employees is “strained,” if not painful or toxic. Mostly we point to symptoms. Solutions lie in identifying and addressing root causes.