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09/2021 The Battle to Keep Talent Will Outlast the War to Hire Talent

The battle to keep the desired talent is perennial. It needs to be part of the recruiting strategy and the highest priority. That’s a significant part of what DEI is about. Right now we are hearing and reading a lot about “the great resignation,” workers’ choice, not all that long after a huge spike in unemployment.  How should both employers and workers at any level think about this and prepare to anticipate for the best outcomes?

08/2021 Winning the DEI & Belonging Challenges (Part Two)

To achieve true inclusion and a sense of belonging, busy professionals and knowledge workers need to integrate cross-generational connection and cross-cultural engagement seamlessly into everyday behaviors and 0activities. This article ties wellness into the belonging concept and suggests actions that both individuals and leaders can take.


07/2021 Blast the Castes: Winning the DEI & Belonging Challenges [Part One]

Added to DEI is now a B: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging. Inclusion is necessary, but not sufficient. There is a movement toward respect and universal inclusion for all personnel, not just practicing professionals. The purpose is to address all diversity issues on the staff side as well as professional side, including the demeaning but common language. It should be adopted by all professions.

06/2021 The Underestimated Impact of Generational Differences on Wellness

Disconnects among professionals and executives as well as with staff based on generationally related differences are prevalent in many workplaces. This often causes stress, misinterpretations of behaviors and attitudes that hinder optimal client service and retention. Busy professionals need to integrate cross-generational connection and cross-cultural engagement seamlessly into everyday behaviors and activities rather than siloing them as projects or tasks. Here’s how.



05/2021 It’s A Great Big Experiment!

Anyone who thinks that there is clarity of choice on how we go back to work now that organizations are coming fully back to life is probably in for surprises along the journey of the next year or two. How and where we will be working is likely to be a moving target for the foreseeable future, even without any new waves of Covid-19 and its variants.

04/2021 Why Is It So Hard to Talk to Strangers These Days?

With isolation and remote work during the pandemic, many individuals find they have lost of the art verbal connection. And those that enter the world of work now or move on where they don’t know their co-workers feel at a loss to make the necessary or desirable networking connections. Here’s what to do to get more comfortable and the reward.

03/2021 The Generational Parenting Paradigm Paradox

Have you noticed the recent plethora of articles about parents, especially moms, “losing it” and self-accusing themselves of being failures? Despite institutions – government and employers – not doing what’s needed to help, at least not sufficiently, today’s cohort of moms is berating themselves, not only for not being perfect parents, but also neglecting other meaningful roles in volunteering, finding better ways to make this challenging time more meaningful, and community participation.

What’s the backstory, and what can be done to improve the situation for parents, families and employers?

02/2021 How Age Demographics Are Determining Our Destiny

We need to prepare for four inevitable demographic/societal migrations. While the other three great migrations are greatly significant, I focus on urbanization led by young people and its implications. That trend also demonstrates the intersectionality of age and the reordering of the influence of minority groups such as the growth of Hispanic population to where it will double the Black population, and the Asian numbers will be larger than the Black population as well.
Read on for details…